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3-gatsu no Lion – 14

「Chapter.28 まぶしい闇 / Chapter.29 ほんの少しの水」 (Chapter.28 Mabushii Yami / CHapter.29 Honno Sukoshi no Mizu)
“Chapter.28 Blinding Darkness / Chapter.29 Just A Little Water”

That wasn’t what I was expecting at all from this week’s episode. But in a bittersweet way, I think this episode ended up being a lot more touching because of what happened.

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Tales of Zestiria the X – 15

「それぞれの哲学」 (Sorezore no tetsugaku)
“Each Philosophy”

Testing the limits for how far one can drag out the plot buildup.

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Seiren – 03

「常木耀 第3章 オトコユ」 (Tsuneki You dai 3-shou Otokoyu)
“Tsuneki Hikari Chapter 3 – In the Men’s Bath”

Finally, it’s time for the conflict—though what that conflict is isn’t clear yet.

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