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Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shobitch na Ken – 03

「んっ、二本同時は 初めて…です。」 (N, Nihon Douji wa Hajimete…desu.)
“Ah, This is My First Time Having Two at Once…”

Third time is the charm may be an overused phrase, but in Shobitch’s case it’s definitely applicable. Sure the comedy has its annoying quirks at times and the whole concept is as cookie cutter as you get, but there’s a little charm here that is quickly making this show entertaining. Who knew a little family friendly fun (alliterations are the best) was all it would take for Shobitch to find its full stride.

What probably impresses me so far regarding Shobitch isn’t that the humour is working better or that Haruka can actually do things, but that it might actually be a half decent romcom in the end. It was not entirely clear last time considering the harem antics on display, but after seeing Haruka and Akiho alone? Well, my impression has changed. Remove all the sexual banter and maternal instincts from our awkward couple and we have a surprisingly affectionate relationship with lots of room to grow—emotionally grow, get your head out of the gutter. Akiho in particular showcases this potential, being incredibly naïve and hit or miss at times (looking at them jokes), but with a subtly endearing personality that works great alongside the new and improved Haruka. It might have taken giving the main man a backbone and briefly removing the harem competition from the picture, but Shobitch has shown it can do cute as well as dirty. You know, the best of both worlds.

Of course what helps produce all the angelic Akiho moments is the comedy, and Shobitch is proving last episode was not a fluke. While I may be biased with my ridiculous sense of humour (I blame my father), mama Fuyumi killed my sides on more than one occasion, between grading Akiho’s physical form and espousing on proper facial etiquette—I swear this isn’t a porno, really. I honestly would feel bad for the father having to deal with all of this, until I remember he knew all about Fuyumi’s robust mindset before engaging in the baby making. Don’t be hating mama’s deep, dark desires daddy-kins, you wanted a piece of that. All the pieces. Might also hilariously help that Fuyumi and her husband physically look a lot like Akiho and Haruka 20 years down the road, but I think that’s a subject for a later date—we haven’t even got to the mandatory kissing scene yet! For all the sexual innuendo there’s a surprising amount of perverted pathway to tread yet before we hit second base, and with four—yes, four—more girls left to introduce, Shobitch shouldn’t be lacking in “unique” situations to draw the funnies from. I think lewd school nurses will be the least of Haruka’s worries before too long.

While Shobitch will certainly remain divisive for some, I’m no longer in any doubt that it will be a blast to watch. The show has finally found itself, with clear romantic components ready to take advantage of and humour which functions the way I always hoped it would. While I’m not sure Shobitch is a good fit for blogging (it’s arguably better to watch than talk about), that doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching it anytime soon. No matter the issues, this show tickles my funny bone in all the right places, and is one series I’ll have my eye on when end post time rolls back around.

October 26, 2017 at 12:00 am