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「共闘戦略」 (Kyoutou senryaku)
“Joint Strategy”

Oh MSS, I don’t know if you could win me over harder if you tried. It could be the utter lunacy, the ever increasing number of hilariously perfect meme faces, or hell just the ridiculous story occasionally taking a back seat to all the fun and games; the exact formula is unclear, but I do know I’m loving how well it’s all coming together. Cutie breaking is never unique or easy to pull off at the best of times, but MSS is certainly doing so all the same.

With our good girl squad finalizing plans for the capture of an administrator, it makes sense to reveal the other half of the roundup cast which we had in all its back breaking, trap revealing glory. I’m still concerned MSS will eventually run out of unique ways to make its girls (or guys) downtrodden, broken, and/or crazy, but the new cast of Ringa, Mikari, Kiyoharu, and Asahi so far haven’t hit that wall. Barring the utter lack of information on them yet (those backstories are needed for suffering reasons), it’s hard doing wrong with a domineering loli (complete with submissive butler and hearts for eyebrows), seasoned sword master, and the always important trap showing the site administration to be a little dumber than originally apparent. Yeah yeah traps and their detection is an anime staple at this point, but with all that nefarious magical power you’d think the site administration could tell the difference between those who need a stick and those who already have one. Apparently not. At least you cannot go wrong with the banter these girls generate, especially Kosame who has fully embraced the emo lifestyle hook, line, and sinker. Truly begs the question if that eyepatch is just for show—enquiring minds wish to know.

Beyond introductions, however, questions continue to be raised regarding the Tempest and just what the side administration is after. Sarina’s meeting with Nana for example could be taken as Sarina further walking the path of Rina in refusing to hand over her stick collection (as Rina can logically be assumed to have done the same before), but Nana’s cagey response points to something else. What it could be god only knows—if such a new thing exists—but having a large number of magical sticks is a good way of figuring that little issue out. Well, and secretly joining with the good girls, that would work too. Then there’s the phone call cliffhanger which could honestly be anything, although my bet is on remaining lifespan or something similar considering the revealed limits on Kosame’s power and the currently unknown half of Kiyoharu’s ability. Considering how badly Tsuyuno and Rina beat themselves stupid (and Aya’s growing affection for her first friend), it’s not a stretch to imagine these girls are on a more constrained timer than originally apparent, and that one or several may drop dead before too long. And that’s before we get to Nijimin and her hilariously perfect determination to see the equally deranged pink hair die no matter the collateral damage. Without a doubt MSS is gearing up for some form of showdown in the near future, although who it’s between and the resulting fallout (read: suffering) are a reveal for a later date.

After all it’s beach episode time and all the summer fanservice fun and games such occasions invite. Who ever said cutie breaking couldn’t be fun?



May 18, 2018 at 10:55 pm