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Classroom Crisis – 13 (END)

「史上最大のプレゼン」 (Shijō Saidai no Purezen)
“The Greatest Presentation in History”

This finale leaves little doubt that Classroom Crisis is certainly worth all your investment, and more.

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Classroom Crisis – 12

「希望と野望と絶望と」 (Kibō to Yabō to Zetsubō to)
“Hope, Ambition, and Despair”

‘But the only measure that he knows is desire, desire for power; and so he judges all hearts.’

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September 20, 2015 at 9:24 am Comments (12)

Classroom Crisis – 11

「それぞれの逆襲」 (Sorezore no Gyakushū)
“To Each His Own Rebellion”


“The Corporate Empire Strikes Back”

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Classroom Crisis – 10

「常務霧羽ナギサ」 (Jōmu Kiryu Nagisa)
“Director Kiryuu Nagisa”

Big payoff episode for Classroom Crisis this week! Go and watch it first. This post can wait.

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September 5, 2015 at 3:16 am Comments (28)

Classroom Crisis – 09

「歓喜なき勝利」 (Kanki Naki Shōri)
“Joyless Victory”

Revenge is a dish best served with dramatic irony.

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Classroom Crisis – 08

「金と選挙と学園祭」 (Money, Elections and School Festivals)
“Kimu to Senkyo to Gakuensai”

It’s school festival time! Which means… experimental propulsion and political campaigns? Only on Classroom Crisis.

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Classroom Crisis – 07

「服部花子のいちばん長い日」 (Hattori Hanako no Ichiban Nagai Hi)
“Hanako Hattori’s Longest Day”

Follow the adventures of Hattori ‘Angelina’ Hanako, ninja babysitter.

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Classroom Crisis – 06

「忸怩たる一族」 (Jikuji taru Ichizoku)
“Family of Shame”

Bitter backstories, bonding between rivals, makeup exams—Classroom Crisis is quite good at packing a lot of content into a single episode.

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Classroom Crisis – 05

「旅の恥は上書き」 (Tabi no Haji wa Uwagaki)
“The Shame of the Journey Overrides”

Though this week of Classroom Crisis may be the obligatory fanservice episode, they still managed to pack a surprising amount of substance into it.

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Classroom Crisis – 04

「激突!ユニオンバトル」 (Gekitotsu! Yunion Batoru)
“Clash! Union Battle”

Even more pieces are added to Classroom Crisis‘s puzzle this episode, and the way they come together is emerging.

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Classroom Crisis – 03

「経理部から来た女」 (Keiri-bu kara Ki ta Onna)
“The Woman Came from the Accounting Department”

Three episodes in, it’s time for an assessment.

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Classroom Crisis – 02

「リストラの教室」 (Risutora no Kyōshitsu)
“Classroom Downsizing”

Romantic comedy, corporate intrigue, and now documentary. Well, as long as its interesting. If you dismissed Classroom Crisis as a rom-com earlier, I recommend you give it a watch now just to see what it actually is.

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Classroom Crisis – 01

「遅れてきた転校生」 (Okurete Kita Tenkōsei)
“The Delayed Transfer Student”

Not really a romantic comedy, not really a space opera, this first episode of Classroom Crisis refuses to be pigeonholed.

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July 4, 2015 at 2:27 am Comments (40)