「それぞれの逆襲」 (Sorezore no Gyakushū)
“To Each His Own Rebellion”


Episode XI

It is a dark time for A-TEC.
Their prototype X-3 rocket
ship has been  destroyed,
and the board of directors
have  abandoned  Nagisa
and are prepared to close
the department

Salvaging the all-important
engine, a class of talented
students led by Sera Kaito
are desperate for any plan
at all to tackle their current

Capitalist Kiryuu Kazuhisa,
needing a pawn to replace
Yuuji, is prepared to reveal
his hand, sights set beyond
the far reaches of space….

I mean, isn’t it just? The Luke Skywalker role is split between Nagisa and Kaito, Kazuhisa makes for a great Darth Vader—a dark father figure tempting our Jedi to the more grey side—which makes Mizuki… Han Solo? Princess Leia? Both? Well, the comparison breaks down after after a while, but I can’t be the only one who saw this episode exactly like this:

Kazuhisa: No. I know I am not your brother
Nagisa: No. No. That’s not true! That’s impossible!

And then Nagisa refuses to rule the military robotics market with Kazuhisa, brother and brother, and falls off Bespin. That’s how I’m going to remember it.

Well, reminding one of Star Wars, especially The Empire Strikes back (the best of the trilogy—that’s just science fact) is hardly a bad thing, especially considering that Star Wars is itself a collection of tried and true story constructs. And, of course, just because we’re in The Empire Strikes Back doesn’t mean we’ll end with Return of the Jedi. While it may seem that all has now been revealed—Kazuhisa’s plans, Nagisa’s and Iris’s illegally adorable past, where the sci-fi cars have been before now—but none of the characters have all the information we do yet. Iris has been too pensive to tell anyone what she remembers (and is this the sign of a love… triangle? Is it even polygonal?), Nagisa never tells anyone what he’s up, and even Kazuhisa, the near-omniscient Palpatine puppet master (I know I cast him as Vader before—he multitasks) doesn’t know that there is another Skywalker Shinamiya. And, of course, with Nagisa suddenly shivved at the eleventh hour everything is up in the air. It’s a very different kind of twist than last week’s; Classroom Crisis has been working a conspiracy played with very rational moves, but now we just have a crazy guy. I thought Kaito and Nagisa were finally getting back together after having diverged for a while, but I guess their naïve ‘customer first’ thing was just too much. Enough of that prattle. Back to insane vendettas.

Classroom Crisis has done a pretty good job making use of all of its plot elements, systematically cashing all of the plot coupons it spent so much time setting up, so I’m pretty sure that even with these new turns in the 11th episode we’re still going to get everything resolved. What I’m most want to know right now, though, is where Iris is right now, since she dropped out of the episode quite abruptly. She’s the one card that Kazuhisa does not know about (i.e. by default the most effective one), but she’s fast turning into the one card that we don’t know about. Wasn’t there a three day time-skip? What has she been doing? Is she the one frozen in carbonite, or is it the stabbed Nagisa? Who needs to save whom? We need to keep better track of that girl. She needs to resolve the plot for us.

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  1. I must be a huge Star Wars nerd….I immediately recognized where you were going with that as soon as i started reading the first line. LOL awesome. I felt Nagisa is closer to anakin and kazuhisa palpatine… Luke is definitely Kaito…at least younger Luke. Running off to save the galaxy. If I had to pick princess leia it’s mizuki. I love how she handled nagisa’s outburst. She’s a gearhead through and through. When life dumps on you trust the machine. Always calming, results you can come to expect and a solvable problem with a clear result. I was hoping Iris would come kick nutso-ni-san’s ass. It seems to be a recurring theme she’s coming to try and help him more than him stepping in to help her. Why not keep with tradition. haha

  2. The real Nagisa still has the 30% stock powers. What the just need is to find Members that give him or her 21% Stock powers, so that they have 51% power to overtake the Company and boot out Older brother

    It is set in Stone, but i just wondering with these many “turns”, we will see it

    1. I don’t even know if she needs even that much. You see how violently they went after just 30%, that would make Iris a major shareholder in the company and she could very well still influence decisions. And who knows what Nagisa has done with said stocks since then?

      1. I begin to grow old, i do not saw the other opinion they had. They put all on this one try, and in the end it paid out. I begin to grow old. But i hope my Word of experience is still heard in the right Ears

  3. I really liked Kazuhisa in his capacity as dark side master tempting young padawan… The point is, he is not entirely wrong. Military technology is very profitable in times of international crises, and shortage of resources he described is ripe for a confrontation. And he cares – or at least seems to care – about the entiriety of kirishina stock holders and employees. He even admits he, and by extension Nagisa is set to profit from that, but what bad is in a good profit from work well done?

    “No blood for asteroids mining” – on the opposite side is Kaito who immediately rejects the idea of working over machines for killing. Not even his old mentor turned Bevele Lemelisk (you are true stazr wars nerd if you know what I am talking about!) is able to convince him with access to all the technology and money he needs.

    Nagisa himself is quite shaken, but looks like he has decided to reject the temptation and join the rebellion, in whichever form he envioions it – my take would be quitting kirishina altogether and start up new company afresh, Apple-style with clear goal of prooducing best spaceships they can. His newly found love is similar to that of Han Solo – down to the “I’m dirty from tinkering with a spaceship” moment.

    Finally, Iris gets to remember her story and she io definitely a wild card here, we dont exactly know hy she has reacted do hard to the kiss, but it seems some kind of feelings from the past have resurfaced. But if she can be persuaded to take up her legacy as a Shinamiya heir, she can become the most potent weapon against Kazuhisa.

  4. Let’s see, Kazuhisa is more Palpatine than Vader. Nagisa is more Anakin (or later Luke), he’s an ex-slave that has is a prodigy in his field. He’s got a bit of a dark side to him, but still has some light too, he’s a little naive, but more worldly and experienced than Luke. Kaito is really early Luke, like right-off-the-farm Luke. His naive mentality hasn’t really shifted since the story began, so I’ve kind of given up on him getting any more development. Still he’s a bright light for others to look to. Mizuki, I’m going to put as Padme more than Leia. She’s got some guts to her and she’s Nagisa’s light, support, and comforter. I’m actually going to say Iris is more the Leia character, the missing “Shinomiya” as you mentioned, and a more little sister figure to our lead. I can’t think of anything for Yuji, there’s not a character that’s that whiny and yet stays around for a while to continue to be a thorn. I would think maybe Dooku, since Yuji was second to Kazuhisa until he was replaced by Nagisa, but I loathe to equate Yuji to a Christopher Lee role. Hattori/Angelina, I’m thinking Ahsoka, since she’s kind of Nagisa’s female sidekick.

    Star Wars roles aside, this was another great episode. Classroom Crisis keeps surprising me at every turn!

    Nagisa was brought to his lowest point this episode. It turns out his “father” and elder “brother” weren’t fools at all and knew about the switch all along, but they desired fake Nagisa’s skills more, and so they really didn’t care. However, thankfully, they still don’t seem to know about Iris.

    Nagisa ended up playing into his brother’s hands this whole time and didn’t even know it, and it was all in a plot to start having military contracts, when their monopoly on mining ends up sparking a full scale war.

    I loved Nagisa’s breakdown with Mizuki and that confession and kiss was one of the sweetest moments in the series. Though Iris/Nagisa seems to be having some problems with it. I’m thinking this isn’t because she likes him or anything (that really wouldn’t make any sense since she hasn’t shown any attraction to him), but it could be more so that she saw his breakdown and it fully hits her what he’s done for her sake. She might think that it’s time that she took up the slack and took back her title as heir of the Shinomiya family.

    But that darn cliffhanger ending! Yuji just went nuts and knifed his little brother! He truly is the dumbest of the Kiryuus. But just as Nagisa has a new plan and he’s getting a relationship off the ground with Mizuki, the guy comes in and guts him?!

    I’m excited to see where this goes next and how Nagisa and team will beat older brother at his schemes.

  5. You have to admire how Kazuhisa explained the bigger picture. Nagisa got it wrong.

    It makes a lot of sense now that Nagisa lost the vote. Kazuhisa didn’t need to manipulate or backstab anyone. He probably just explained the plan to the other executives as he did to Nagisa and they agreed as it being the best thing for the company.

    By the way, gotta love how Mizuki was trying to clean off Nagisa only to get him dirty. That was fun and endearing at the same time.

    1. Well, technically, he did manipulate quite a few people, just because they’re okay with it doesn’t mean he’s not manipulating the situation to his advantage. He’s a puppetmaster kind of character. He was manipulating both Yuji and Nagisa, and pulls the strings across the entire board.

      And while I do see the realistic aspects of his decision and his plans, what he’s doing is pretty shady. His company does the mining that will cause a shortage of raw materials that will thus spark a war, which he will then make money off of by supplying weapons. Actually, he’s making money using the least common denominator, rather than thinking outside the box like I think Nagisa is going to do.

      Instead of dooming the solar system to war, how about searching for more sources of raw materials? So they’ve exhausted the asteroid belt? Did they every think of searching outside of the solar system? The galaxy is a vast place, and you can’t tell me that in this future where they have traveled the entire solar system and colonized every planet, that they can’t build a vehicle that can travel just a little farther outside the solar system and find new resources? A-TEC could be in charge of designing a new vehicle, and it does well for the company too in that they get to expand their business even further.

      1. No, I don’t deny that he is shady, that he has been manipulating events and that he was the evil overlord behind Yuji (every criminal act Yuji did as an executive was under big brother’s orders, so Kazuhisa is a bad man).

        I was talking just about the vote about A-TEC. No need for shady dealings here. Just convince them that his plan for the future is good enough. It also explains why some of them seemed glad to make a deal with Nagisa only to betray him in the end. I almost expected a “every corporative executive is a double-faced bastard” moral, but it ended up being more nuanced.

  6. Now that’s putting Crisis in Class, great episode that made good use of all the build up and plotlines so far.

    I also like that Kazuhisa isn’t a typical or boring villain (if he could be called evil at all, he is just an antagonist, a cunning, resourceful and ambitious one,but hardly a bad guy).

    The romantic developments and kiss between Nagisa and Mizuki were sweet and fun to watch (but i feel it won’t turn out well when Angelina gets the news, that scene already sent Iris running away).

    And finally Nagisa getting stabbed by his now ape shit crazy not-brother Yuji who didn’t take his defeat well, i thought for a sec this might be the doing of Kazuhisa but that’s not his method of doing things, still a possibility that he intentionally setup Yuji aganist Nagisa to get rid of both of them, we will have to wait and see, specially waiting to see how he will react when he finds out that Iris = real Nagisa.

    1. I can’t say that Kazuhisa is a typical villain, but I can also say that he’s got some pretty shady morals too. He’s crossed a like that Nagisa has yet to at this point, and he probably takes after his father. I can see him having people killed in back alley just to get what he wants.

      But I don’t think that he sent Yuji, it’s not his style, and he just said that he wants Nagisa’s abilities. He really has no reason to kill him. And if he did want him killed, I doubt he would send a bungler like Yuji.

  7. Still one of my favorite shows this season. Having a dark horse or two every season helps to alleviate the disappointment from those high-anticipated-but-failed-to-meet-expectation shows.

  8. I do not know how Japanese politics work, but the way that Kazuhisa and the male Nagisa are trying to be profitable by buying off politicians will be a scandal in American politics. I like the fact that Kaito is thinking of real customers and not forcing the government to buy stuff from their own company. Iris by far is the biggest wild card in this situation.

    1. You think to high about USA politics. There’s a lot of historical facts than large corporations exchanged support for politicians for government benefits to their business. And I bet situation is the same now.

      1. And let’s not forget that lobbying and donations are actually legal and recognized ways for companies to support a candidate (or go against another one). In some countries, private donations above a certain amount have to be disclosed so the voters can know who supports who. In other countries, they are banned.

        In fact, in Classroom Crisis it seems they are not seen in a very good light. Remember that Yuji cut A-TEC’s expending so the company could give that money to their favourite party without anyone noticing?

  9. Classroom crisis really sounds like the begining of the backstory of a Mecha series. Maybe it’s a prequel in diguise or there will be a mecha sequel set 100 years in the future 😀

    I wonder if the Iris/Mizuki ship has now officially sunk or if there is still hope.

  10. Forgot to mention the Metal Gear homage this episode, the moment they revealed the Bi-pedal robot in the hanger i remembered Snake’s iconic remark every time he sees a new version of the infamous titular robot of the series … “METAL GEAR!!!”.

    Dr.Li also feels a lot like Otakon, a nerdy seemingly mellow guy who creates powerful mechanical weapons of mass destruction, not sure the robot reveal is linked with MGS5 release or just a coincidence XD

  11. Yuji still could not stand it, that an Half-bread Worthless brother, where he beat him and thread him like a Dog, outmaneuvered him. And Big Brother do not take any Actions to punish his Dog, no Big Brother even go there an put him on his Seat

    Yuji is blind of Rage. He even went there anonymous (he is wearing an Green Tracksuit) and looks like he is the same as this one here:

  12. Kazuhisa I wouldn’t say you are wrong. For a CEO, profit matters. It really does. But you don’t tell an F1 architect, a very talented one, “Hey, starting tomorrow you will make tanks! Exciting isn’t it?”


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