Episode 08

「記憶は過去のらんせを描いて」 (Kioku wa Kako no ran se o Egaite)
“Memories Draw Spirals of the Past”


Episode 09

「繋がり届く想い」 (Tsunagari Todoku Omoi)
“Feelings that Connect and Reach”


Episode 10

「心蒼く、もっと深く」 (Kokoro Aoku, Motto Fukakimasu)
“Inexperienced Heart, Going Deeper”

I can hear the entire world following this series with me sigh with relief – finally! They finally sealed the deal; bit the bullet; made a move; they kissed! And not by Shirayuki’s actions but Zen’s! He planted one right on her, much to her surprise (and mine as well). I was honestly expecting them to keep this kiss from us until the end of the season but thank God it came early! It’s that pivotal point in any romcom series where people think, now what? What happens now that they’ve kissed but haven’t confessed and there’s still that dilemma of social class? We’ll see all that awkwardness next episode as Zen and Shirayuki decide what to do about their situation.

The past few episodes have completely drawn me into Zen’s world and I loved seeing that insight into his life and history. Not only did it show a bit more of his brother, Izana (he’s so dreamy), but it shows what a different person Zen used to be and how he behaved towards someone like Mitsuhide. It shows how trusting Zen was at a young age as well, even though he had his suspicions, he wanted to believe the best of people. As a prince, he definitely should have more barriers up for his own protection, but I think that’s what makes him unique as well. He has a softer side than Izana and it shows with the way he behaves towards Shirayuki or even Toghril Kiharu (Saito Chiwa). I’m just extremely glad that he’s also a man that knows what he wants. Shirayuki and Zen may have difficulties with their relationship in terms of social status and class, but being in love with someone that loves you is a huge step forward. I applaud Zen for being able to get over that difference and standing up for what he thinks is right, mainly if that person he wants is Shirayuki.

The surprise in all the past few episodes for me is Obi. Obi gives me a sense of relief when he comes on screen because he acts as both a voice of reason but also serves as a comedic device. From taking care of Shirayuki when she’s drunk, to following her to the tower and watching over her (even if it’s on command by Zen), he’s quickly developing his own relationship with Shirayuki. Personally I’ve always been in the underdog camp, so it would be a plus to see a love triangle form here. However, I also don’t want that to take away from Zen and Shirayuki’s development so for the duration of this season, maybe not? There’s potential story there between Zen, Shirayuki and Obi that I would like to see get explored in the later season or episodes. Obi himself is an interesting character and without knowing his background, he’s the black sheep that I wish got more spotlight. We’ll have to see later on if that happens.

Author’s Note – I won’t beat around the bush with this note. The reason I’ve been absent for so long (and barely posting on time for Shokugeki no Souma) is because I’ve had a rough/busy month. If you haven’t read already, I’ve had 3 weddings in the past month, my job has been turned upside down (company had massive layoffs), I’m in the midst of buying a home AND I got a new puppy! Needless to say, when I’m not working, I’m training my new dog and when I still have some time to breathe, I’m catching up on the Zzzz’s. I don’t sleep much anymore and I appreciate everyone for being patient and considerate during this time. It’s not easy for me but I’m trying. That and the new applicants on RC, the Fall season preview etc. all take time away so thanks for sticking by me. I seriously love you all ~




  1. Aw, I can only speak for myself, but it’s okay, Cherrie! It’s understandable that you had a lot going on the past month so the fact that you are still sticking with Shokugeki no Souma and <Akagami no Shirayukihime is awesome! Thank you for that~

    On another note, it was nice seeing the past three episodes lined up together. From Drunk Shirayuki to that oh-so-satisfying moment where Zen and Shirayuki kissed, this is such a refreshing series to watch.

  2. I punched a hole in my wall (out of relief and excitement) when he finally kissed her.
    It’s about damned time.
    No worries, take your time Cherrie! Just be prepared for the feedback for Souma cause I’ve got soooo much to say lol.

  3. New rule for RC staff: You’re not allowed to apologize anymore. In fact you shouldn’t! Life > blogging. We don’t want to burn out or miss important things. We’re patiently wait for your posts when you have the time after everything else more important is taken care of.

    That said, I’m glad I picked up this series. Great characters. A strong female lead that’s still vulnerable but doesn’t need her hand held or saved constantly. Take notes other writers.

  4. Thank you for posting this, Cherrie! After episode 10, this show has become one of my favorites of the year. Even with the introduction of a new character, there was no forced love triangle, arranged marriage, misunderstandings between the main couple, unnecessary drama, etc. There needs to be more shojou anime like AnS!

    Also, I have nothing against Zen, I quite like him, but Obi has become my favorite character. I know he won’t end up with Shirayuki but I still enjoy what little moments they have.

  5. Don’t be sorry. Everyone has his/her own life to explore with.

    Well, I can honestly say that I like this show. I don’t know if I am in Team Zen but Obi all the way. I was left dumbfounded by the tenth episode. Can’t say that Shirayuki is an original concept but man, it was a well executed one. 🙂

  6. For a fantasy, Akagami’s pretty humanistic and down-to-earth. It doesn’t use typical fantasy elements such as magic, elves, demihumans, dragons, demon kings etc., and the most OP ability so far is Obi’s semi-ninja agility.

    In some ways this is pretty similar to an older anime, Saiunkoku, which also had a independent-minded heroine and a prince. (Except she was a princess and a noble, so the social class issue wasn’t really relevant to her.)

  7. I slapped at my forehead figuratively seeing this…awkward (even I see what his heart wants).
    Talk about being the cool bada$$ prince.
    Well now you’re just showing off your ninja skills.
    Hmm a bro-out…that can’t be real liquor?
    I wished to see Shirayuki in a dress instead whilst she kisses/get kissed but in Obi’s jacket I guess I’ll take it sooner than later.

    random viewer
  8. For a story set in a fantasy world I was hoping that there would be more content in the plot than just a predictable romance. I’m afraid to say it’s as bland as sugarless cake. I feel there should be more conflict like this: https://randomc.net/image/Akagami%20no%20Shirayukihime/Akagami%20no%20Shirayukihime%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2021.jpg
    But it seems this show is playing it ‘safe’ in every sense of the word. There are hardly any life threatening situations and antagonists to make viewers really worry for the protagonists. This could have been quite good but I feel it has missed its chance to reach its potential. I guess I’m one of the few who can’t fall in love with it.

  9. This is the most innocent series I’ve ever watched/read. Characters are charming, the soundtrack is just amazing. I love this kind of stories. I guess you could compare it to Akatsu no Yona but they are still super different.
    I actually like Zen’s brother the most, lol.


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