“The Love and Reminiscence of Something”

「愛と追憶のなにか」 (Ai to Tsuioku no Nanika)

Satou & Yachiyo – It Happened!:

I can’t believe it. After 36 episodes, WORKING!!! has its very first official couple. I knew it would come eventually, but I never expected it to be so… easy. After all the build up and earlier episodes that focused more heavily on the pair, being thrown straight into a confession in the closet was both surprisingly and fulfilling. I’ve said it before, but of the two major pairings this season, Satou and Yachiyo are my preference. I love how different they are from one another, yet how they’re drawn to one another. This season really has come a long way, and this pairing is evidence of that.

I can’t decide what I loved most about them getting together. Yachiyo and Popura practicing Sa-sa-sa-sa-sa was the pinnacle of cuteness, and Kyoko’s observations provided her best scenes of the whole series. I’m glad that Yachiyo doesn’t have to change who she is because she’s now with Satou. He makes a good point, that he loves her because of her obsessions and her Kyoko-san ramblings, so taking that part away from her would be taking away one of his reasons to love her. D’aw.

The confession itself was probably one of the best animated scenes of the season, especially the hand holding and that hug! I pretty much gushed for the rest of the episode, from Yachiyo’s recurring real life blooming flowers to her turning up at Shatou’s door after getting lost the day before. Their interactions are so endearing and sweet – but when it became obvious that she’d have to stay the night, that’s what gave me the biggest laugh of all. Of course, nothing went down, because WORKING!!! isn’t that type of show. I just wonder if we will get a kiss this season, either between Satou and Yachiyo or the other soon-to-be couple.

Souta & Inami – Kotori Returns:

I have to admit, I thought Souta’s mother would play a crucial role in this episode, if it were to continue focusing on their relationship. That wasn’t the case, but I suspect when Souta and Inami do eventually take that next step, she will appear at just the right/wrong moment. I also didn’t expect Kotori’s return this season. I can vaguely remember the hilarity that ensued when Kotori and Inami last interacted, so it’ll certainly be interesting to see how things have changed, and how Inami reacts.

Overview – What’s Next?:

With Satou and Yachiyo down, we’ve got two more episodes for Souta and Inami to hook up. It’s destined to happen – everyone, Kyoko included, knows it. I’m keen to see how Souta’s family will play in this development, especially his mother. Right now, I’m just trying not to think that this is all going to be over in two weeks time. I want to watch WORKING!!! forever and ever, but I suppose it’s best to end on a high. And what a high this season has been thus far.

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  1. First thing first: My heart…HNNNNNNNNNNNNNG.

    BTW, I thought Yachiyo took a few days just to find Satou’s place in order to cook for him a single meal. At least she got to where she needed to go and do:
    (and Satou: trembling in excitement or dread afterwards?)

    Also: Maya voicing for the preview next week? Not normal really out of the norm for this season…

    1. It felt so easy because this could have been just another episode of teasing/building up their relationship, but instead it jumped straight into the confession without anything really holding it back. I didn’t expect it to be so quick, but I’m relieved it was.

    2. Now that you say that, it reminds me of School Rumble. At some point, i gave up clearing up the misunderstandings in this series. I am very glad that the author did decide to have real romance in this series.

  2. The moment Satou finally confessed, that has got to be Yachiyo’s happiest, most beautiful smile ever. I don’t how many times I watched that scene just to Yachiyo smile. And yeah maybe a little credit has got to go to Souma for being the persistent shipper. Congrats to the happy couple and hopefully it won’t mean constant stomachaches for Satou. And yeah hopefully too they won’t be the only official main couple of the series. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I was thinking that the one thing missing this season was Kotori…then KOTORI KITA!!!!

    I’m surprised that Poplar acted more shocked when Takanashi appeared as Kotori. Usually she would be on her knees praying to the entity that is Kotori. Wonder if his mother would catch on to him in his alternate persona. Would be hilarious!

  4. I like how the preview showed NOTHING. Good! Anyone who is still watching after two full seasons and eleven episodes isn’t going to stop now, so they don’t really need to entice us. But they could have spoiled events for a huge, important episodes, so better to not show anything save natto.

    In others news, I may have exploded in giddy, squeeing happiness all over twitter while watching this episode. There may have been a frankly worrying amount of caps lock and exclamation marks.



    I’ve waited five whole years for this episode. For so long we’ve suffered along with Satou, and finally the wait has paid off.

    (Surely something else’s happened during Yachiyo’s spending the night at Satou’s place. ;3 )

    All that’s left is for Takanashi to get his shit together and admit reality.

  6. Wow! Who’da thought this series would be so strong in so
    many ways: love, intrigue, love, sweets! If this series
    doesn’t make you smile, you’re probably not among the living!

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  7. pinching each others cheeks…..guhehehe. So awesome. The animation has been a bit spotty in certain places but they always use the good stuff when it counts. This script understands what the audience wants to see and hear. Ahhhh. I was so shocked to see Kotori out of nowhere. Since Inami doesn’t smack Takanashi there’s a lot changed there if you think about it. He really is fighting it kicking and screaming…I expected Popular to fawn over him and get pics. haha Maybe she feels for Inami more than her own needs. haha


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