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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works – 05

「放課後に踊る」 (Houkago ni Odoru)
“After School Dance”

Boy was that an awesome episode to get the month of November rolling.

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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works – 04

「戦意の在処(ありか)」 (Seni no Arika (Arika))
“The Will to Fight”

Unlike the episode that featured Kotomine and his somewhat long and dry explanation about the Holy Grail War, I thought that this episode was a much better example of how you’re supposed to tell a story without making it feel like your bombarding us with dialogue.

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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works – 03

「初戦」 (Shosen)
“First Battle”

After an episode full of dialogue, this week’s ramped things back up with an intense fight between two of the strongest servants duking it out one-on-one.

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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works – 02

「開幕の刻」 (Kaimaku no Koku)
“The Curtain Goes Up”

After two amazing prologue episodes that established the world we’re about to dive into, this third episode scaled things back a bit and focused on some of the finer points about this “Holy Grail War”.

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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works – 01

「冬の日、運命の夜」 (Fuyu no Hi, Unmei no Yoru)
“Winter Days, A Fateful Night”


** No SAO Post this week since it’s a complete recap episode **

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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works – 00

「プロローグ」 (Puroroogu)

For everyone who was concerned that this take on the Unlimited Blade Works route would leave newer viewers in the dust, we were given an amazing double length prologue episode to get everyone up to speed.

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Random Musings – 234 Days Since FSN Edition

Two really quick things before I go to bed:
  • It’s hard to believe that it’s been 234 days since the final episode of Fate/stay night last year. That’s how long I’ve been waiting to hear Kimi to no Ashita, and now it’s finally been released on Tainaka Saichi‘s latest single. FSN certainly had it’s ups and downs, but this song brings back all the good memories, particularly of the ending. 234 days…time sure goes by fast.
  • The few of you who still watch Ayakashi Ayashi may have noticed that I haven’t blogged the show in a couple of weeks. I really just couldn’t motivate myself to continue watching because it didn’t interest me enough, so I’ve dropped it. My apologies to those of you who were still keeping up.
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    Random Musings – Jumping the Shark Edition

    -For those of you who are Densha Otoko fans, there will be a 2-hour special airing at 9:00PM JST on September 23rd, 2006 called 「電車男デラックス~最後の聖戦~」 (Densha Otoko Deluxe ~The Last Crusade~). According to the first announcement from back in July, Densha Otoko is planning to marry Saori, but along comes a new rival (played by Kitamura Kazuki). It will apparently take place in Tahiti and will also feature Saori’s grandfather (played by Fujimura Shunji), along with most of the original cast (including Shiraishi Miho). I’m interested, but it’s more like cautiously optimistic. A special like this can easily turn out to be complete crap. Incidentally, Sept. 23rd is the same day as the last episode of Blood+.

    -The web preview of the next episode of Zero no Tsukaima is up.
    Show Images ▼

    -Rumor has it that the ending song to the final episode of Fate/stay night, 「君との明日」 (Kimi to no Ashita), performed by Tainaka Sachi, will be released on November 22nd, 2006. This is based on rumblings about it on various bbs, but I haven’t seen any concrete proof yet (i.e. an Amazon.co.jp or Neowing listing or something similar). We’ll have to wait and see for more news.

    -And finally, some good news and bad news. Bad news: it seems that Naakay will be unable to blog Honey and Clover II. For now, that show is in limbo because I don’t have the time to blog it myself. Good news: on the other hand, wh0sj0hngalt is signing onto the team to help out with the rest of Ouran High School Host Club.

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    Fate/stay night – 24 (END)

    Shirou is enclosed inside Angra Mainyu, with hands pulling on his body and visions of the words “Die Die Die.”
    This is the final episode, so needless to say, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD

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    Fate/stay night – 23

    A bloodied Rin recalls what happened earlier when someone had rung the doorbell.

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    Fate/stay night – 22

    Sitting alone at home, Saber thinks to herself that the stars have come out, forecasting Shirou’s future.

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    Fate/stay night – 21

    With the appearance of the golden servant, Shirou pushes Saber back because he wants her to run away.

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    Fate/stay night – 20

    Kotomine tells Shirou that if Saber doesn’t want a second life, all Shirou needs to do is leave one Command Spell.

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    Fate/stay night – 19

    Though Sakura is saved, there are still fierce fighting going on between Saber and Assassin and between Shirou and Kuzuki.

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    Fate/stay night – 18

    In a series of flashbacks, Caster remembers her past.

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