So I decided to create an anime blog. Perhaps manga to, but that will be forthcoming. It will not just be me posting though. I also have some friends who have permission to blog here about the animes they’re watching, should they opt to. For the most part though, it’ll just be me.
About this blog:
I watch subbed anime, so screencaps are taken from subbed episodes using BSPlayer. I then use Photoshop to resize them. The images themselves are hosted on ImageShack.
As for anime itself, you can see the list on the side of what I’m currently following. That list is only currentish anime. I’ll pick up other things as I go. That’s all for now, hopefully this will go smoothly.
PS. This page is best viewed using Firefox.


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  2. No way. So this was the first post on the site?

    God it feels like a lifetime ago and even anime itself was in a completely different place as well as the Internet as a whole.

    So 2004 I was still at high school, I was like in year 10 so just near the final year of school. Now I’m nearly 34. Jesus lol


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