Short Summary:
Rentarou and Souju are alone after Sara left them in last week’s episode. Souju apparently came home soaked and crying while Sara ended up at Mitsugi Kimihiko’s apartment, trying to protect her sister and thus sacrificing herself. Rentarou finds out where Sara is over the phone speaking with Mitsugi. Rentarou and Souju end up going shopping, getting crazy, and having fun. Afterwords, they are by the river when Gen-san comes by and informs them that their apartment is on fire. Rentarou loses it for a bit and gets taken in by the police only to be released later. That night, Rentarou and Souju spend the night out on the town having even more fun. Once they end up in a hotel room, Souju goes to shower. She starts to cry and somewhere, Sara staring out from a balcony also starts to cry. Rentarou wonders about their happiness.

Not much happened this episode, but I still liked it. We get to see the aftermath of last week. Sara seemed very depressed when she was talking to Mitsugi; it felt like she was obeying a parent or taking orders. Rentarou and Souju tried to be happy on their own, but after it all ended, everyone was depressed again, as the last set of screens show. I think they did very well in showing how the three shouldn’t be apart. Lulu and Lala made another appearance, hopefully they’ll get some more screentime later. The next episode is called “クマのように舞い、イカのように刺す”, which is quite the interesting title (Babelfish translates that as “Like the bear it whirls, like the squid it sticks”). The preview had only Souju saying Futakoi Alternative, but hopefully they will reunite and all three will be there to say it next episode.

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