Short Summary:
Izumi is finally at home alone with everyone off doing something. However, the doorbell rings and she finds her youngest sister, Karin, here to visit. Karin and Izumi have some fun around the house with Pochi. She even dresses up in one of the maid uniforms. Karin learns about the offer made to Izumi from last week’s episode to be an idol. Just as everyone else is arriving back home, Karin decides to run around the house on Pochi. The climax of the episode occurs when Izumi decides to become an idol, but not just a regular idol, a maid-idol.

So they introduced the youngest sister, Karin. More cuteness and loli-fun (ok, not really). I’m curious to see where they take this plotline as the manga is a self proclaimed gag manga with no real plot. For once, I can’t complain about the animation quality as it was actually pretty good this episode. They threw in a lot of cute scene-to-scene transitions. I was rather bothered though by the use of shadows in this episode (as you can see on Yoshitaka in the next to last screen). Aside from that, I rather enjoyed this episode. Next week looks like it’s going off the idol plotline and back to manga stuff (chapter 5).
Edit several hours later: I finally picked up Volume 3 of this and lo and behold, Karin is in it. So much for not being in the manga…

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