Short Summary:
This week’s episode starts with a look at how the bad guys are making the monsters of the week. At the academy, Pierre falls in a sparring match against Sirius, so Apollo steps up to challenge. He ends up biting Sirius’ leg and hair before the alarm bells ring and people are summoned to their posts. Pierre, Silvia, and Apollo are sent out. Apollo and Silvia argue about who’s the leader (and thus who leads the combination). Apollo pulls ahead and forms the Solar Aquarion, but the monster trashes them, especially Silvia. As it’s about to strike a killing blow, it disappears. After the fight, a mobile base is set up for repairs. Sirius, sitting by Silvia’s bed, has a touching moment with his sister. The next day, Apollo and Sirius end up in another fight, this time with Sirius kicking ass, but again the warning bells go off. Sirius, Pierre, and Apollo form the Aquarion Luna, but it is quickly defeated by the monster. They reform as the Solar Aquarion. Inside their cockpits, Apollo and Sirius punch at each other, starting a new special attack called Mugen Cross which destroys the monster and saves the day.

They played Pride again, but this time it felt kind of out of place. I think I would have preferred the title song instead. The episode itself was yet again nothing new. There was quite a bit of mecha battle this episode, which I don’t mind, but others might find it boring. The next episode preview looked like a Reika episode, but not the start of any story arc, so I’m not expecting much (Reika’s not exactly my favorite character).

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