Short Summary:
We open with a castle and Sara in a wedding dress. She is marrying Kimihiko while a bunch of the Wadatsumi Group with squid masks on watch on a big screen. Back at home, the entire community is camped in front of the bulldozers to prevent them to razing the neighborhood. We learn that the development that Zenji was working on would be a front for the Wadatsumi Group’s interests. As tensions mount with neither side budging, the bulldozers spring into action and transform into mecha bulldozers (evil looking ones at that). At the chapel, Kimihiko is about to put the ring onto Sara’s finger when Rentarou crashes the plane into the building. He attempts to save her, but both Kimihiko and her are trapped in a forcefield and taken away. Everyone in the chapel turns into a squid, so Rentarou pulls out his bat and gets ready to kick some ass. In their prison, Kimihiko pulls out a gun and blows open the door, but the two emerge to a sea of squids. Kimihiko has no choice but to fight his way through with Sara clinging on. At home, the townspeople are surrounded by the mechs when Zenji saves them – the arm is not just a lighter, it can detach and fly around piercing things too. He’s decided not to work with the Wadatsumi group and with that, he unites with the townspeople. Rentarou is having a bit of trouble with the sheer number of squids he’s having to face off against until Kira and Yura emerge from the rafters, equipped Rambo style. Shimojima is also there with some explosive baseballs. Their firepower allows Rentarou and Souju to get away and search for Sara. In the darkness, Kimihiko and Sara seem to have gotten through the squids, until they meet up with one more. Luckily, several explosions rip through the castle and one of them destroys the squid. Several levels below them, Souju’s spidey sense tingles and she rushes upstairs with Rentarou in tow. Both pairs emerge at the top of the castle on opposite ends. Kimihiko is injured and Sara is genuinely concerned. He tells Sara to go, but she sticks with him. Rentarou and Souju spot Sara, but an explosion pushes them down. Rentarou takes the opportunity to kiss Souju and then rushes off to get Sara.

And here I thought we got our action episode last week. They went far above and beyond what I had expected. All the action, especially Kira and Yura really impressed me. Now if only they had thrown in Lulu and Lala too. I really didn’t expect the craziness of everyone turning into a squid, but it was really fun to watch. What impressed me even more is the drama the last moments brought: the kiss. I have to comment again that Rentarou is such a better character than Nozumu ever was. The fact that he can kiss Souju really shows how much his character has grown. ufotable is doing a fabulous job. I do wonder if they are setting Sara up to stay with Kimihiko though (he was protecting her and she was clinging to him). Especially at the end, it seemed like they were getting a lot closer. I’m curious whether ufotable is going to pair them off or if we’re going to get an angsty conclusion. The way this episode started, with the credits overlayed on the opening scene, made me think this was the final episode, but thankfully it’s not. We have one more week to go for what I expect to be a great end to a great series.

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