The PV tells a tale of a guy who gets hit by a car, and thinks about his love in the afterlife. He goes through heaven and hell and finally makes his way back to his body to be embraced by his loved one. It was a fitting music video and I rather liked the simple style. The turning wheels and the ferris wheel were definate pluses for Honey and Clover fans. The female lead seemed rather out of it though – she just kind of stood there with a poker face the entire time. I kinda wish they had at least showed her smiling or even showed some concern on her face. Anyway, I like the PV for the style (especially the last note with the title card) and the song. You can find it at the usual place (*points to left*)


  1. I found the song off of winny, then posted a torrent on point-blank, and it’s listed on Tokyo Tosho. However, Point-Blank’s tracker has been down these past couple of days, so you’ll have to wait until it’s back up (if it’s still seeded).

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