Short Summary:
Aisia apparently took the goshujin-sama stuff to heart. Wearing a maid outfit, she wakes up Junichi and attempts to cook a meal for him. Attempts is of course the key word as she spills it on his head instead. When Miharu wants a banana, Aisia produces one from thin air, and almost tells Miharu that it was made by magic until Junichi stops her, takes her aside, and tells her not to use magic in front of people. Aisia then tries to do various house tasks, but is rather inept (bringing Junichi cardboard when he needs toilet paper). After a while, Kotori and Miharu go to the market and meet up with Mako and Moe. They start talking about Aisia, and Miharu and Moe fill Mako in on who she is. At home, Junichi finds that the living room is completely empty due to Aisia’s cleaning – all the furniture is piled high outside. Aisia promises to do her best, and shows an idealized vision of Junichi and magic. She goes back in to clean and opens Nemu’s room, but Junichi gets a serious look on his face and closes the door. The two accidentally tumble down the stairs and land in a provocative position, just as Mako and the girls open the door. Mako’s not very happy about Aisia living with Junichi, so she and Moe decide to take her in. At the Mizukoshi house, Aisia poisons Suginami with her tofu, then joins Moe and Mako in their music with very loud cymbals, and finally destroys their outdoor bath with a conjured fountain. That night, as they go to bed, Aisia notices that Mako still has a teddy bear. Kotori and Junichi arrive at the Mizukoshi house the next morning, hearing screams inside so they run in, only to find Moe and Mako knee deep in wooden bears. Aisia comes running and Junichi takes her home (where she makes him a mountain of yakisoba bread).

Aisia definately isn’t as quiet and reserved as she was last episode. In fact, she said quite a bit in trying to help around the Asakura and Mizukoshi households. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I just think the switch from being a half-mute to being a peppy maid was somewhat sudden. And so there wasn’t much romance this episode – it was a more comedic Aisia-screws-up episode. Also means that Kotori didn’t get much screentime. When she did, she was always appearing as a motherly/wifely figure, standing by Junichi’s side, cooking, shopping, etc.
I wish they could go a single episode without referring to Nemu in some way. Is that really so much to ask? I’m probably going to repeat this every week, but I think that she’ll definately come back before this season is over (maybe Sakura too).
Oh yea, what’s with Mako and Suginami fighting all the time now? I don’t remember if they did it much in the first season, but they sure are doing it every episode now. I wonder if they’re being set up as a couple (since Mako’s basically out of the running for Junichi).
There were some good laughs, but ultimately this episode didn’t have much in terms of plot movement. This showed us some of Aisia’s character when she’s around people she can trust (which I guess last episode was her building trust in Junichi and his friends). Maybe we’ll get more Kotori next episode. *crosses fingers*


  1. crap, looking at your screencaps I *can* have a field day with it. From the sounds of it, Aisia is a more vocal version of Yoriko (sorta) huh?

    Kotori in a different big hat.. hmm… it works.. but it’s… big.

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