Really Short Summary:
A new magical girl named Buruga (who seems acquainted with Sayaka) wreaks havoc on the city when Ureshiko shows up to stop her her. The two do battle (ok, it was more like Buruga attacked and Ureshiko dodged with lots of property damage thrown in) until Ureshiko’s desire to protect activates her ring and restores all the damage. This drains her powers, but when Buruga attempts to take the ring from her, it repels her back. Meanwhile, Tatsumi and the company president visit Asaba Tamotsu again.

For more summary about this episode, please refer to Cinnamon Ass whenever BluWacky blogs this episode. As an additional note, I’m not quite sure on the new magical girl’s name, as the kana is ブルガ, and I couldn’t think of any western name off the top of my head close to that.
Aside from the transformation sequence and the skimpy costume, there really wasn’t any fanservice this episode. Which is vastly different from all the sex-related stuff there was last week. Looking at the credits though, the director and the script writer changed from last episode, so maybe that’s not too much of a surprise.
There were some important things this episode. First, it seems that Buruga and Sayaka are well acquainted from Wonderland. I think Buruga even urges Sayaka to hurry up and get the ring, though Sayaka does see Buruga’s failed attempt at the ring herself. Makes me wonder if Sayaka has to have feelings like Ureshiko does (in the pure, love, want to protect way) in order to take/inherit the ring. Second, because Tatsumi’s work involves Tamotsu, I’m sure that Tamotsu and Ureshiko will meet face to face relatively soon. I’m not sure it’ll happen next episode, as the preview showed a lot of dream and/or in-the-past shots (including what looks to be Ureshiko’s mother). Though it does show Ureshiko and a man naked together, and I suspect the man is Tamotsu. Definately going to be an interesting episode, and I’m definately looking forward to it.

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