Short Summary:
Chitose really loves her horrer flicks and forces Ikko, Sumi, and Yuko to watch them with her, but they are of course, deathly afraid. After some movies one night, they find a young girl who asks them to save her. They enter her haunted house (which Chitose loves) and get chased around and abused by all sorts of horrers. They end up re-enacting a loving home scene from the girl’s mind until Chitose puts an end to it, comforts the girl, and sends the spirits on their way.

I keep asking myself why I watch this series. The plot is bad, the animation is poor, and I don’t particularly like any of the characters. I thought maybe, with all of the Hinata popping in at random intervals to show that she’s not scared, we’d get some Hinata backstory (why is she like that, why is she unafraid?) , but ultimately it was just a boring haunted house episode. Not much fanservice either, save for the shot of Chitose in her underwear near the beginning. I’ll give this series one or two more episode, then I’ll seriously consider dropping it. Next episode, the crucial episode five (episode five is typically where a lot of series have a very good backstory or serious episode), looks to be more fluff material, but we’ll see.

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