Junichi prepares a room for Aisia to sleep in and wonders about school for her. Aisia thinks of a school full of wizards and magic and works herself up so much that she wakes up early the next day to go to school even though she’s not enrolled. Running around school, she encounters several of Junichi’s friends and uses her magic for all sorts of mischief, including a magic volleyball and painting the side of the school. When Junichi finally wakes up, he realizes that it’s already 11:30 and that he’s really late for school (due to the fact that Aisia wasn’t there to wake him). He tries to sneak into class, but Mako spots him right away. She tells him about the various wierd things that have been going on around school like the volleyball. Junichi reaches the conclusion that it must be Aisia and runs off to look for her with Miharu. No one except for Mako and Miharu knows who Aisia is, so the rest of the class starts chasing after him. He runs into Kotori and they split up to search for Aisia (Junichi with disasterous results when he checks the girl’s locker room). With his classmates on his heels, Junichi sees Aisia turning a corner. She calls out to her master and starts to run towards him, only to trip. Junichi manages to dive and catch her in his arms, much to the dismay of his classmates. Suginami saves him from a hairy situation and Junichi eventually takes Aisia home at the end of the day. He learns that she’s really excited about going to school for the first time. Junichi lectures her about using magic, but Aisia as usual, doesn’t listen.

Aisia’s vision of a magical school, was way too Harry Potter-esque. Still, her delusions can be pretty fun to watch. She’s definately not the timid girl we thought she’d be, but I’m getting used to this playful Aisia. Plus she had all sorts of cute faces and blushes this episode.
Suginami really scares me sometimes. Popping out of nowhere, pulling a smoke grenade out of his ass, etc.
The episode has some funny moments, but overall I could summarize it just like I had up earlier: “Aisia goes to school. Hijinks occur.” Not really much character development until the very end, more like introducing Aisia to all the people around Junichi, and setting it up so that she can integrate nicely into her new school. Not a bad episode, just nothing really spectacular yet (I expect great things though).
I hope we get more Kotori episodes soon; there’s only so much Aisia I can stand. Need more KotorixJunichi moments!


  1. I had high hopes for this series but after this episode, I thin I better start changing my expectations. Episode was so-so in my opinion and I don’t know if it’s even worth my time to try to parody. =/

  2. Someone said this before, but the first half of first season wasn’t too great either. I expect hope good things are in store, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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