Short Summary:
It turns that that Saori’s friend Sawazaki Kaho really doesn’t recognize Tsuyoshi. The dinner goes decently well, despite some meddling by Kaho. Tsuyoshi ends up calling Saori afterwords and they set another date, this time to go to the ocean. He’s estatic until Saori’s text message reminds him that he told her that he liked to surf. After a lot of mock practicing, he finally recruits a coworker to teach him. Unfortunately his is a lost cause. On their trip to the ocean, Tsuyoshi is heading out to the water when it starts to rain. Saori calls for him to come back, but he starts to cry, collapsing on the sand. He eventually tells her the truth about surfing, that he really meant net surfing, and apologizes. She walks out in the rain, realizing that he did all this because of her mistake, and apologizes back. The two later share a boxed lunch that she prepared while watching the fireworks. The next day, while working, Tsuyoshi is confronted by Misuzu, who has accidentally found out about his posting on the message board.

I apologize beforehand for skipping over all the parts with Kazuya-san as they were really hard to understand.
There was a lot of humor in this episode coupled with the seriousness of Saori’s past and the end of the episode. Tsuyoshi trying to learn to surf (and the resulting mishaps) created some good laughs, as did the scene where Tsuyoshi’s friend meets his little sister. I was also laughing pretty hard at Tsuyoshi trying to learn to surf through playing a video game while trying to balance on a surfboard.
The end of this week’s episode had Misuzu calling for Tsuyoshi while the Imperial March played in the background (boy they really like using that song) after having stumbled upon his posts and realized what was going on. The preview hints that Saori might also learn about the message board. Plus Tsuyoshi seems to be going on a triple date with his friends and Saori’s friends, which I’m sure will make for a hilarious scene.

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