Short Summary:
Rin has a dream about long ago with Kaede crying and yelling in at him in the rain. The dream is interrupted when Kaede wakes him up. The trip to school is marred by more fans of Kaede, Sia, and Nerine trying to gas Rin with smelly sock odor. Sia and Nerine save the day, leaving Kaede practicing swinging her umbrella around. It gets stuck in the fence and Kaede is forced to abandon it when the bell rings. At lunchtime, Kaede finds that Nerine has prepared lunch for Rin, which Rin eats out of obligation, making the lunch that Kaede prepared go to waste. By the end of the day, Kaede is not feeling so well and has to run home in the rain since she left her umbrella behind earlier. Rin wakes up the next day to find Kaede passed out in the kitchen with a fever. He puts her to bed and then decides to do the housework himself. He fails miserably at cooking before Asa-sempai, Nerine, and Sia arrive. They each do some of the housework, with Asa-sempai cooking a big meal. A sick Kaede, hearing everyone having fun downstairs, feels very left out. After everyone leaves, Rin is wiping Kaede’s back with a towel when an earthquake strikes and the lights go out. The lights soon come back on, but Kaede continues to tightly cling to Rin. She tries to say something, but Rin comforts her and thanks her for working so hard. The next day, Kaede is all better thanks to Primula’s medicine.

Definitely liked this episode more than last weeks. Ironically though, I like Nerine a bit more this week than I did last week, because watching her trying to do housework was pretty funny. Still, the episode was about Kaede. Kaede got a lot of blush time from being sick and being nurtured by Rin. I thought the scene where she was swinging her umbrella around was cute. This is a good episode, though it really doesn’t explain what happened in the past. The first time they show the flashback/dream, it’s silent, and the second time, you hear Kaede yell 許せない! (Unforgivable!) I suspect it has something to do with what happened eight years ago when their parents died, or at least it happens in that time frame.
Primula gets more and more mysterious by the episode. Not only is she not fazed by the earthquake, she spends the entire episode making medicine. Fortunately, the next episode seems to be about her, with the title 微笑み (Smile). Maybe we’ll finally learn something about her.
On a closing note: Rin is so lucky. Not only does Kaede normally do the housework, but when she gets sick, more girls show up to do the housework…


  1. Are you doesn’t know what happend in past or you don’t want give the spoilers?
    I know that Kaede at first didn’t like Rin-kun very much… I think somehow she blame him about that car accident, where her mother and Rin’s parents died…
    That’s why I think “Kaede crying and yelling in at him in the rain”…

    And if people here say so… I like Kaede and Sia. =)

    (Sorry for my English)

    Suginami (rus)
  2. I haven’t played the game, so I don’t know anything about this series coming in; it’s all fresh to me. 🙂
    I did not notice about the dress, but that’s interesting now that you point it out. Wonder if it means anything?

  3. I tried to watch it last night, but some reason, the episode was cut off when the cable company cuts WOWOW for the night 15 minutes early. I know they do this so nobody could see the uncensored nudity for which WOWOW is notorious here. But cutting an episode of an anime in middle way before midnight?!! (They usually turn it in AFTER midnight.) That was the second time it happened (first was while I was watching Grenadier) and I hate it when that happens, especially when that will happen next week.

    But thanks for doing this… it was a very fun episode based from your summary.

  4. didn’t anyone get worried at the beginning when at the beginning Rin tried to tell Kaede she didn’t need to work so hard, and she went all frightened and shivering? I think its an unnatural dependance syndrome, not that i’m saying anything bad about Kaede (Still probably going to be stoned to death by fans though) but i think there might be just a little off kilter with her psyche seeing as how herm other died in a car crash and she began with blaming rin, and apparentally now focuses her life on pleasing him

  5. That might be true..but i doubt theres something wrong with her psyche or the like….its just the kind of person she is and since shes been living with rin for quite some yea

    Tsuchimi Rin

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