Short Summary:
Ikko, Haruka, and Chitose are sent to investigate some disturbances at a department store where they find some restless spirits of sentai actors. Haruka sets up a sentai show, and everyone’s desires are fulfilled until one more spirit shows up and captures Chitose with his tentacles. Haruka “turns on” Ikko’s power and he dispells the spirit.

So let’s see, we have a cheesy sentai episode with tons of fanservice….and a tentacle monster, one that induces more fanservice, bringing us almost to hentai. This is quality programming right here.
Speaking of fanservice, do Haruka’s breasts really need to make bouncing noises when she’s yawning? I mean come on, we get the point…
I don’t have big hopes for next week’s episode either, which is apparently about Hinata getting a kitten.

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