Short Summary:
Maiko-san hurts herself practicing the mambo dance with her partner, so she gives the tickets she has to Tatsumi and Ureshiko. Ureshiko is very happy to go on a date with Tatsumi and gets all dressed up. Meanwhile at school, Sayaka is made fun by the boys for her small breast size. She becomes conscious of it later, even in her grown up form. Tatsumi encounters her, and she tags along while he collects information for work. As they are leaving, Sayaka asks him if he likes large breasts, but before he can answer, she faints. Ureshiko, who is already waiting for Tatsumi to arrive for their date, sees that her ring is vibrating. She finds Tatsumi watching over a weak Sayaka. Realizing that the transformation is taking its toll, Ureshiko uses her magic to help. Tatsumi gives his phone number to Sayaka, telling her to call if anything happens. He then realizes that he’s late meeting Ureshiko and rushes off. Wanting to make up for his lateness, he shows off his new mambo skills. She eventually joins in, and they have a lot of fun.

This was an average episode where not much really happened except for Tatsumi’s relationship with both Ureshiko and Sayaka getting a little better. I think the animation really killed this episode for me as it was really bad at certain points, especially the dancing at the end.
I do find it interesting the theme of being and adult versus being a child. They always make fun of Ureshiko for being such an old magical girl, and yet Sayaka is constantly trying to get older, turning herself into an older form and worrying about not having large breasts (unlike Ureshiko). This theme of old vs young really makes the series quite interesting.
Beach episode next week! The preview showed a new magical girl, plus the animation looked a lot better so I’m looking forward to it.

Random thing: The old man who mambos with Maiko-san is voiced by Saitou Shirou who also does the cat-form of Yoruichi on Bleach.

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  1. This was a nice, peaceful (dare I say relaxing?) episode. I really liked how they’re building the character relations in this series. I agree with you on the animation though. It felt like special ed fifth graders drew the mambo at the end.


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