Short Summary:
Home alone as usual, Primula finds herself very bored and plays with her stuffed cat. To her horror, the stitching on the side opens up and the stuffing starts to come out. She visits Rin at school, creating quite a disturbance until she’s properly introduced. After she shows him the stuffed animal, the teacher comes in, so Primula leaves, pausing as she closes the door. Rin can’t help but think about her expressionless face. He excuses himself from class and tracks her down. But because of the rain, Primula’s shirt is wet, making it see-through and showing Rin that she is not wearing a bra. The next day, the whole group goes out to help Primula get some underwear. At the store, everyone start posing with lingerie, causing Rin to get nervous and leave. He ends up in a game center and remembers the time he first met Primula. Wanting to get her something, he realizes that she likes cats, so he runs around looking in various toy stores. In the evening, after meeting up with the girls who are finally done shopping for Primula, Rin presents her with what he found: another stuffed cat. She hugs it tightly and thanks Rin, smiling in the process.

This episode continues the girl of the week format that harem shows love to follow. It is definitely catered to all the loli-pedofiends out there, with several shots of Primula’s see-through shirt. We learn that the stuffed animal Primula has now is indeed the one that Nerine got from Rin all those years ago. But after this episode, she has one of her own from him. Rin really knows how to win the girls…
Last time we saw the arcade, the opening song of the anime, YOU, was playing in the background. This time, they played Mirage Lullaby, which was the OP to the game. Relating to that, I am really starting to like OST. It’s come to my attention that the right music in the right places is really important, and SHUFFLE! does that fairly well (unlike some other series).
Girl of the week next time seems to be Asa-sempai. I’m rather interested in the episode, partly because the art style shown in the preview seems very different.


  1. I repeat myself from the last few weeks, More Sia less everyone else >:D although I should change that to more Sia/Kaede and less everyone else, although I’m curious about Asa as well. Sia was so cute when she blushed at everything this ep. but when it comes to comedy nothing beats Primula nearly stabing Rin with a knife while she was learning to cook XD

  2. To be honest, this episode wasn’t too funny and probably the weakest so far. However, I’m reeeeally looking forward to the Asa episode ^_^ … for this detail alone I’ll forgive all other shortcomings!

  3. For me, I really like the episode. I almost laugh a lot when the girls tried to “fantasize” him with the chosen underwear. I even laughed that when Prim (the name I gave Primula instead of Rimu) wore RED underwear. We all know red catches a lot of eyes.

    BTW, on a related note, I decided to call Lisianthus Lizzy (which is more suitable than Shia), but I can keep this to myself. Lizzy’s (or Shia) a lot of fun in that episode.

  4. nah i thought this episode was done pretty well… i found it really sweet… the episode that i thought was done badly was actually Nerine’s one… although u may say i am biased coz i am a shia fan 😉


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