Short Summary:
During a bath, after defeating another magical girl, Ureshiko thinks about when she married Tamotsu Asaba and their first night together. Needless to say, she’s feeling a bit down afterwords. It doesn’t help matters when Tatsumi starts talking on the phone with Sayaka, and she invites him to the beach. At school, Sayaka learns that her schoolmates are also all going to the beach, but she turns them down since she’s already going with Tatsumi. She consults Valentine about dates, and gets warned about kissing. Meanwhile, Ureshiko tries visiting Tamotsu again, but again he tries to kiss her. Ureshiko decides to follow Tatsumi and Sayaka to the beach, where she spies on them with binoculars. She loses sight of them after some unsavory men corner her and she has to use magic to escape. Sayaka and Tatsumi end up having a great time, culminating in a sunset kiss…almost. Sayaka remembers what Valentine told her and pushes Tatsumi away at the last moment, then runs off crying. Ureshiko, who has been feeling sick all episode, is still looking around for the pair, but the magical girl she defeated earlier (and her sister) shows up and binds her. Sayaka hears the explosions and comes to her aid, scaring off the girls. A completely drained Ureshiko falls into the ocean below prompting Sayaka to return to her normal form. She calls Tatsumi over to help Ureshiko.

We end on somewhat of a cliffhanger. I keep thinking that Tatsumi is going to try to administer CPR, but Sayaka won’t let him because that would mean Ureshiko losing her powers. Or maybe she will let him…
It’s ironic that Tatsumi tried to kiss Sayaka the same place that Tamotsu tried to kiss Ureshiko. The outcome is still the same, but I guess I should start taking the Tatsumi and Sayaka pairing a bit more seriously now that they’re at this stage. Their relationship developed rather quickly, but I think Tatsumi is going to be in for quite a surprise if and when he finds out that the two Sayakas that he knows are the one and same.
I enjoyed this episode, but it suffered from the same animation inconsistencies as last episode. Case in point: in screen 35, Tatsumi looks like his normal self. Now look at screen 44: Tatsumi now has quite buff arms. Finally, screen 49: never mind that Tatsumi is back to having skinny arms, his entire body is now out of proportion, almost chibi. For the most part though, they did a decent job, but there are several shots that just have bad artwork. I keep my fingers crossed that next week’s episode (preview shows magical girl Valentine!) will do better.


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