Short Summary:
Sirius has a dream about following a sea of petals to a rose. Sirius, unsure of what he is, has conversations with various people about their dreams. His talk with Reika causes her to say that she’ll fight any Shadow Angels. Those words worry Sirius, who clutches his wristband. The next day, while the pilots are training, Toma attacks. Sirius, Silvia, and Apollo are sent out to form Aquarion Mars. They duel the Shadow Angel, but appear to be losing. Silvia has a flashback of when Seria got separated from Apollonius and starts to freak out, prompting Fudo teleport change in Reika. With her help, Sirius does a lot better in the fight, going toe to toe with Toma. The two mechanicals pierce each other’s shoulder: a hit that separates Aquarion and forces Toma to retreat, calling forth a pillar of petals leading to a portal out. Sirius, now in Vector Mars, starts to chase after it, reminded of his dream. Reika reaches out to stop him, and Sirius almost takes her hand. But at the last moment, she sees feathers coming out of his wristband, so she retracts. She immediately realizes what she has done is wrong and puts her hand out again, but the damage has been done. Sirius pulls back and moves towards the portal, eventually leaving with Toma.

I like the direction this is going. We’ve had a shadow angel get captured in the real world and now Sirius is in their world. Seems almost like a fair trade. I would take a guess that Sirius is going to return as a true shadow angel, or at least a bad guy. We’re getting pretty close to the end, so I can imagine all this being part of the final showdown.
Since it was Reika who tries to pull Sirius back, I suspect that she’ll play a large part in any future redemption of his. It is somewhat her fault for hesitating when she sees the feathers/wing sprouting out. But since it wasn’t Silvia, at least we’re moving away from the brother complex into more normal relationships.
Not quite sure what to expect for next episode; maybe we’ll get to see evil Sirius already.
Oh yea, Go Tight! single comes out this week! Definitely looking forward to that…


  1. hi hi 😀

    i was wondering where are u downloading these episodes from ive been trying to search for sousei no aqouarion lately but havent been luky till now 😀 can u post a link plz or email me? thnkx greatly appreciate the help

  2. hi, i’m a italian girl. This episode is very incredible, but i don’t watch on tv, but the imagen are very nice, and I know this episode.
    I don’t speak english very well, but i want speak…
    I’m sorry!!
    See you soon
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