Short Summary:
Rin is surprised when he wakes up to find Sia standing over him. She invites him on a date that she’s been planning ever since she started reading a magazine that gives love advice. She even has tickets to a concert, courtesy of her father. With everything planned out, she first takes him to a karaoke bar. Unfortunately, they run into Mayumi who immediately suspects them to be on a date. They escape from her, but encounter different friends at every subsequent place they go: Nerine and Itsuki at an outside clothes market, Primula and Kaede at the arcade, and Kareha-senpai at the snack shop. Sia isn’t too happy that their date keeps getting interrupted. On a train, she remembers the time eight years ago when Rin found her alone. The two laugh together when, unbeknownst to them, Asa-senpai walks in, but turns back without saying anything. Sia still plans to bring Rin to the concert, but those plans change when they find a lost child. Rin plays with the child, keeping him company, until his mother arrives. On the train home, Rin finds the notes that Sia wrote for their date and realizes all the thought and effort that she put into it. They arrive at home, but Rin says that there’s something else they should do. He takes her to school and while the two admire the view from a classroom, he returns the notebook. He says that he had fun on the date, and then holds her hand as the moonlight shines in.

I was so hoping for a kiss! They were so close! >_< I think it is interesting to watch each of the girls' reactions when they see Rin. Of the main girls, only Asa and Kaede were particularly bothered by Sia and Rin's date. Their feelings for Rin are perhaps the strongest at this point (not counting Sia since this was her episode), with almost visible jealousy. We'll see how this develops as the story goes...harem series are so much more fun w/o a known female lead. *is reminded of the current DCSS situation* Good amount of fanservice this week: plenty of panty shots, Sia in the bath (with well placed foliage). Next episode brings us the R-15 rating, which can only mean more fanservice and ecchi (unless this series somehow turns into a bloodbath). Ironically enough, that'll also be the beach episode. Of particular note is that the last shot of the preview shows Rin and Sia alone on the beach. Could it be another Sia episode? And just like FMP! TSR, SHUFFLE! will also be taking a two week break (3 weeks total counting from today) so that WOWOW can cover tennis (the US Open).


  1. Funny moments:

    1. I forgot their names now, but Lizzy and Nerine’s fathers play variety of games from shogi to chess, to babanuki (Old Maid), to mahjongg, to even Monopoly. It seems they can’t decide on which game to play!

    2. Lizzy and her collection of panties. What do panties have to with the date when she won’t intentionally show it anyway?

    3. It’s cliche already, Rin and Lizzy stumbling onto everybody, including Asa, everywhere they went, just as they were having a fun date!

    Well, next week is the mandatory bathing suit episode. Mandatory because it seems every fanservice anime has one! Till next time, looks like I’ll sleep early on the next two Thursdays.

    (BTW, Lizzy is Sia, and just like the same way you refer to Kaname by her surname, I’ll refer to Lisianthus as such)

  2. bah a useless sia episode….why are they spending so much time releasing epis based on such a worthless char…..and i really hate the way rin supposedly “enjoyed” the date….cant wait for more epis to come until he finally dumps the god and demon girls..and goes out with kaede..

    Tsuchimi rin
  3. Tsuchimi rin – start running, your opinion wasn’t asked for nor does anyone want to hear what you don’t like about the show, if you don’t like an episode don’t watch it.

  4. yeah man i enjoy the show even if they had episodes of the other girls(though shia is my fav) anyway playing the game itself will most probably make u like the characters more….

  5. Anza, your opinion on my comment wasnt asked for maybe its you who should start running? For i think its ok to express dislike towards a char, just as you express the way you like the chars. ANd cyw, all that i said above is AFTER playing the game…

    Tsuchimi rin
  6. Don’t be a jerk. Obviously some people will like an certain episode while others will not, especially since it’s a harem anime like this one. You shouldn’t jump all over someone because they didn’t like it.

    Anyways, I thought the episode was decent, although I was expecting more. The 3 week wait will be excruciating though.. hopefully the next episode will be worth the wait.

    And Omni, thanks for the summary and screenies as always. And were you the one that put the raw up on TT? I think it was you, since it was linked to this site.. 🙂 Just guessing though. Thanks to whoever put the raw up.

  7. I rather liked this episode. It seems we’re already getting some jealous feelings from some of the girls, which means the angst levels are sure to rise. The scene with Asa on the train was well played. Maybe they’ll give us an Asa ending… seems unlikely, though.


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