Short Summary:
Rieko is very curious what it was she saw that night. She asks the people she knows, including her friend Makabe Masaki (Makki for short) and her employer Hana-san. Neither can come up with a satisfactory answer for her. Meanwhile, Kisa has called out her friend Kobayakawa Shigeki. She tries to show him Bun-chan, but he cannot see it until she puts his hand on it. He is shocked when it appears before him. Passing by, Makki sees a floating light between the two. He quickly runs to find Rieko and tells her about it. Shigeki eventually shows up at the restaurant for a meal. When Rieko asks him if he’s seen anything strange lately, he says he hasn’t. Sometime later, a familiar figure rides into port on a boat. Akira has arrived in Yokohama.

A fairly slow episode this week, this was more of an introduction to some of the new characters. We have some interesting dynamics developing here. Makki probably likes Rieko, since he has a picture of her on his cell phone and rushes over to tell her what he’s seen. It’s too early to tell if Rieko likes anyone, though if she does, it’s not Makki since she left him alone soon after he’s told her what he saw.
Shigeki seems to be pretty good friends with Kisa, and he protects her secret. Since Rieko knows the truth, I wonder if she feels betrayed by his answer, and maybe even a little betrayed by Kisa.
We’re only a couple of episodes in, but I can definitely see another love triangle/quadrangle developing in the future…
Closing thoughts: What was with the focus on the “Trust Yourself” painted on the wall after Jirou walked off camera? Why is Akira in Yokohama? Oh and the little girl in the pink dress and red shoes on the boat scared me into thinking it was Miku, but alas it was only a random girl.

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