Short Summary:
With Sirius now on Toma’s side, Reika and Silvia are emotionally suffering the most. Reika feels responsible for what happens, while Silvia misses her brother. Silvia is sleeping when her brother’s voice wakes her. His hand emerges from her wristband and takes hers, but Apollo comes crashing through the window to interrupt them. As Sirius’ hand disappears, he leaves behind a red feather, which Apollo recognizes as his and warns Silvia about Sirius. Much to everyone’s surprise, Sirius arrives back in their world piloting Vector Mars. Reika and Apollo are sent out to get him, but he shoots down Reika, and then combines with a Cherub, forming Cherubim Mars. A quick stab of his sword sends Apollo crashing down. Sirius starts working on DEAVA’s shield when 3 unidentified vector machines appear. Sirius shoots them down, but they combine to form Aquarion anyway. Jean-Jerome identifies it as a new United Nations and DEAVA Aquarion. The pilot of the new mecha appears on screen and everyone is astonished to see that it is Glen.

The toy factories are going to be working overtime to produce all the new Aquarion models. I like the way Cherubim Mars looks, particularly the shoulder cannons/wings. The new Aquarion is much more mechanical looking than the DEAVA one, fitting the military’s style. And Glen is like the Borg with feathers! The new UN military can be up to no good, especially since he looks so lifeless now. It seems like they fused him with the feathers that they cut off Futaba. I can see a lesser of two evils fight coming real fast…
The whole business of Toma thinking Sirius is the Solar Wing has me pretty confused. Since Apollo is the reincarnation of Apollonius as they have suggested for the past 20 something episodes, then how the heck does Toma get it wrong? I assume Apollonius’ spirit will flare up again sometime soon and clear some things up. Everything in the preview seems to suggest that next week will be almost entirely a fight episode…which is good considering how well done the fight scenes have been these past few episodes.


  1. THANK YOU for the caps. I totally can’t wait. I knew Glen had to do something. Yeaaaah! Raw, go faster!! Go tight shoutai fumei no shooowwwtiiiime…. I don’t even know if those are the lyrics %)


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