Short Summary:
Takemoto is still traveling around the countryside, asking for water wherever he can and buying food with his savings. He bikes all the way to Matsushima before the chain on his bicycle breaks. After falling asleep in front of a shrine, he’s found and taken in by a group of repairmen. They offer him some food and, after a little convincing, some work too. Back in Tokyo, Hagu-chan is concerned for Takemoto, but has her own future plans to worry about also. Certain faculty members don’t think that she’s making the right decision in wanting to return to the countryside after graduation. Meanwhile, Yamada delivers some pottery to Fujiwara Design, only to run into Rika on the way in. Yamada can’t help but notice how delicate Rika is.

I can almost feel myself going into rant mode, but I’ll restrain my comments for now. This isn’t a bad episode; in fact, it’s quite pleasant with a rather soft tone. It’s just that I found it, well, boring. I haven’t really that an episode of Honey and Clover was captivating since Morita came back. And even then, that episode wasn’t as good as previous ones. I thought it might have been because I started watching the episodes raw (even though I didn’t blog them until they were subbed), but I didn’t spoil myself at all for this particular episode, yet I still don’t have the same positive feel that I had from the beginning of the series (positive about the episode, not the episode’s mood). I suspect that it’s because my expectations for this show didn’t change as the show’s content did. Right now, this feels like a mature relationship drama with bits of comedy, but I still look forward to a comedy with bits of drama. Humor is very important to me and I’ve been wanting more wacky Morita-related humor.
Still, the production team is doing one thing very right and that’s the handling of the insert songs. Spitz’s lyrics about the place you were born and saying goodbye seemed to fit very well with what’s going on in the episode. And the general production quality of the Honey & Clover is still very high, a definite plus.
At the time of this writing, I have already flipped through (but not actually seen) episode 23. It seems to be quite a bit more interesting, so I am looking forward to watching it.


  1. They are at a point where it is tough to throw in much comedy. Everyone, even Morita, seems to be thinking hard on what they want to do with their lives. I agree this was probably the slowest episode yet, but still enjoyed it a lot.

  2. This episode hit alot of good point about life. I really enjoyed this episode and learn a little bit what Shuu-chan’s speech and Takemoto’s inner thoughts. The hot pepper was funny :D. The preview of the next episode might be interesting. Takemoto is looking back. hehehe…

  3. Honey and Clover is just so amazing. It makes me depress everytime I watch it, but I just love how true and realistic this show is. I mean many of the problems brought out in the story are problems many people are going through, and it just feel really true watching shows that can truly touch your heart. Everyone should also get the comic!!! Trust me, it’s as good as the anime. *sniff sniff*.

    I am kind of looking forward to Paradise Kiss, even though the anime appears to be really ugly(comparing to the comic). But I am a fanatic of Ai Yazawa’s comic, so I wouldnt want to miss anything! Damn it, i’ll miss HOney and Clover Soooooooo much.
    *i am contradicting myself.


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