Short Summary:
To make enough money to buy a new bicycle, Takemoto will need to work for 10 days. However, he finds himself mostly useless to the repair crew, working mostly as their cook. Back home, Rika wants to hire Yamada to make more pottery despite Mayama’s efforts to keep them apart. Miwako advises Mayama to let Yamada see him around Rika, and he worries about how to let her off gently. Meanwhile, Takemoto has finished his 10 days work, and Rokutaru makes it known that he wants Takemoto to leave. The chief returns and advises Takemoto that he should continue riding. After a walk and talk with Shin, Takemoto realizes that he can’t be scared and should keep going. The day he leaves, the group sends him off with several parting gifts, including a free bike.

I have remarkably little to say about this episode, which may in itself tell you how I feel about it. There are some good laughs, some touching scenes, and more development of all the central characters. As we move toward the end, I am left unsure of how they will satisfactorily conclude all the storylines since it seems that there’s a ton of plot to wrap up.
I was wondering the other day how Honey and Clover is going to run 26 episodes if Paradise Kiss starts on October 13th in the same time slot. If H&C were to run the full 26, then the last episode would fall on the same day as the premiere as ParaKiss. So it came as little surprise when Garten posted that H&C would only run 24 episodes, with the last two most likely side stories to be featured on the DVD. Now I’m really curious how this series will end this week.


  1. Ahh, enjoyed the episode. But.. WHAT THE HELL, 24 episodes?!?!?!

    Argggh!! H&C is one of my favorite anime.. I hope they end it properly. Damn it!

    Oh well.. there’s still that drama to look foward too. Meh. Thanks for the heads up Omni, better finding out now I guess.

  2. Only up to episode 24??? That would be this week’s or next week’s episode… OMG how the heck are they goin to end the series?? Everything seems to be unresolved. I don’t think they can all wrap up the story in one episode..and I heard that the manga is not even done yet.

    well I guess we wait and see..

    I’m hoping that it’s not like “Fruits BAsket” all over again where they DID NOT conclude the whole story in the end of the anime.T_T

    BTW, thanx for summerizing the episodes, ur the best ^^

  3. Well, unless the anime writers decided to make an ending on their own then the whole story won’t be concluded… since the manga is still running. But if it’s going to end the way I think it will (like volume 7 of the manga) then that’ll be a good enough conclusion for me. (And I still hope they’ll make the continuation or at least an OVA when the manga is over…)

  4. This new knowledge saddens me. I too hope it’s not a Fruits Basket random ending, and that we get OVAs in the future. Animators give us OVAs for such series as Ichigo 100%…why not continue Honey and Clover as the manga continues?

    How long until the final DVD comes out though?


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