Quickie Summary:
Yamato and Honoka have officially become a couple, and the news spreads through their circle of friends Miki, who learned about it from walking in on them kissing last time, is hesitant to tell Suzuka, but eventually does. The news seems to have quite an impact on her, though when Yamato himself admits to her that he’s going out with Honoka, she acts relieved. However, she spends the rest of the trip in somewhat of an unenergetic slump. When it comes time for the team to return home, Yamato and Suzuka are left behind after she helps him pick up some drinks that he drops on the train station’s boarding platform. They have no way of getting back home and are stranded in Hiroshima wondering what to do.

This episode’s animation is average, and it makes fairly good use of the music. But overall nothing seems to stand out. So why is it that I felt pretty positive about this episode? I’m not too sure myself, but I suspect it’s because the characters came off this week a lot more sincere than they have in the past. Specifically, I liked listening to the dialogue between Yasunobu and Miki, and then Yamato and Suzuka when he admits he’s dating Honoka. Now that I think about it, the music may have had a big part to play in those scenes.
Next week we see how Yamato and Suzuka get home and maybe even what happens after. There’s a certain scene next week that I really really really hope is animated well. Though with this series’ track record, I guess I shouldn’t keep my hopes up too high.


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