Quickie Summary:
Suzuka and Yamato are still stranded with no way home. Yamato calls his father to ask for money, but his father arrives instead to pick them up and take them home. During their stay there, Yamato invites Suzuka to go firefly watching with him. She refuses at first, but after watching Yamato talking happily on the phone with Honoka, she changes her mind. They go that night, but Yamato is initially unable to find any fireflies. He explains that this place is where people come to confess. After Yamato finally sees a firefly, Suzuka says that she wants to see a Yamato produced confession. Although initially reluctant, Yamato puts the firefly in a flower and present it to Suzuka while confessing to her. She accepts his feelings, leaving him very surprised. After a bit of silence, she turns around and calls it all a lie.

ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「君のこと」 by COACH☆
I thought this was an average song the first time I heard it, but it’s growing on me. I like each of the girls singing solo, but the chorus not so much. Not quite as catchy as Aoi Field, but they’re very different songs. The ending sequence is all Suzuka shots from past episodes. Hopefully they’ll highlight a different girl each week.

The first half of this episode is relatively forgettable. However, the second half was very well done. For once, I actually enjoyed the animation AND the music AND the plot. Suzuka kids around and wants Yamato to show her a confession, but when he actually does, she allows herself to play along and get caught up in the moment. Her real feelings show through, but she since she can’t fully embrace them, she takes it all back by calling it a lie. And so Yamato once again has Suzuka on his mind, even though he’s going out with Honoka now. Being a Honoka fan, I can’t help but feel that she’s losing out again.
I’m looking forward now to next episode – more Honoka! I think this series has gotten quite a bit better over the last two weeks. Hopefully they can keep up the trend (and don’t kill it with an episode of horrible animation).


  1. The world is not fair –> I wanna be rich and have my dodge viper.
    The ANIME world is not fair —> SUZUKA is the main caracter from ” suzuka ” anime and NEMO is the DAM ” oniichan!!! ” complex from D.C.S.S so as 4 / 2 = 2, kotori and honoka are the rest.( poor Kotori and honoka, male japanese caracters from animes ultimatly only likes annoying female ones)


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