Short Summary:
Saya is feeling down the entire day at school because it seems that everything has been perfectly covered up from the night before, so no one has any idea of what happened. Her father picks her up after school, after David urges him to give her up again, and drives her to the tomb where he found her. George explains that he was told to watch over Saya during the Vietnam War. He got married and had a daughter, but when his family was killed in an accident, he was ready to commit suicide. However, Saya’s heartbeat told him to keep living, and so he did, raising Kai and Riku who were orphans. Then, when Saya woke up one year ago, George swore to raise her as his own daughter. The two return to the restaurant where David is waiting. He explains that he’s part of an organization called “Red Shield,” and that Saya is needed to kill the monsters known as Yokushu. An old friend of George’s soon arrives, but transforms half into a Chiropteran. David shoots it several times, but the monster heals quickly and knocks David out against a car. It rushes forward at George and Saya, but Hagi jumps in to block its attack. He hands Saya the sword and tells her to fight, but she refuses to use it. George takes it instead and tries to swing, but the Chiropteran blocks his attack and makes a nasty cut in George’s abdomen. Kai arrives on the scene to see Saya yelling for her father over his body and a pool of blood.

George is pretty badly injured, but I don’t think he’s dead yet. Though it would make sense for him to eventually die so that Saya can have a catalyst to move forward with continue with Hagi or the Red Shield or whomever. Plus, he already told of his past and how he found Saya during this episode, so his exposition duties are pretty much over. But for now it seems a bit early for his death, and the various previews confirm that he’s still alive.
Speaking of George, the more I watch this series, the more I love the soundtrack. For instance, the background song that plays when George is explaining his past feels like its music from a movie. I have a growing respect for Mark Mancina and Hans Zimmer for their work on this series. The animation isn’t shabby either, and I have absolutely nothing to complain about it.
It seems that the next episode will have more focus on Kai and the fight against Forest (the guy who turned into the Chiropteran). I find it interesting that he’s transforming little by little into a monster, like it’s a virus that’s spreading in him. I’m sure that’ll be explained in the episodes to come.

Closing Thought: I wonder how big of a player Kai is going to be in the overall story…


  1. The suspense is really killing me about George’s condition, and also about how big of a role Kai will play from now on.

    About the music, there’s no doubt it’s a pure marvel to listen to. You talk about the background song that plays when George is explaining his past which is the best cue so far. I must admit that track reminded me a lot of what I had the chance to listen during key conversational scenes of “The Thin Red Line.”

    I can’t wait for the OST.

  2. The music shined in this episode alright.

    But the episode itself was once again very mediocre and cliched in my opinion. I know Saya already had her runaway reaction in ep2, but I would expect her to confront George in this one in one way or another. And the way George revealed the past to her was just weird, “I lost my wife, and I adopted those boys… and you too, actually.” WTF? One other thing I also found interesting/frustrating is that they only spent one year together. ONE YEAR??!?! WTF?

    After the very good and promising first episode, I have to say I’m not feeling any kind of suspense in these new ones, the story so far is more predictable than DragonBall, and I dont care for those characters at all. A I just dont like these new episodes of Blood+. Disappointed person here.

    But the music did shine this time… 😉

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