Short Summary:
Continuing where we left off last time, Alastor and Shana begin to suspect that Yuuji’s Hougu might be keeping him alive. It starts to rain, so Yuuji invites Shana inside. While Shana changes, Yuuji stays in the closet, but he hits his hand and comes tumbling out of the closet, resulting in an eyeful. He wakes up the next morning to find Shana in bed with him when she had started the night on the roof in the rain. At school, the gym teacher is running the class to death when a girl named Yoshida Kazumi falls to the ground exhausted. Shana takes the opportunity to kick the teacher a couple of times, and Yuuji rallies the class against the teacher, so he lets them off, earning Shana and Yuuji plenty of praise from their classmates. Meanwhile, Margery starts using her powers after opening Marchosias (the book). Shana feels the waves and runs to the source, where she ends up having to fight Margery in werewolf form. Shana gets a couple of good hits in, but Margery’s regeneration and werewolf powers overwhelm her, knocking Shana off the roof and into the water below.

Alright, let’s be honest. How many of you actually listened to the dialogue when Shana was taking off her clothes?
It’s amazing what a lot of fanservice and action can do for a show. Those two shounen staples finally come to make an episode that I enjoy. The animation is pretty good too; nothing negative that’s glaringly apparent that I noticed. Add to all this the fact that Yuuji actually stands up against the teacher in an almost teasingly strong way, and I’m ready to name this episode the best one yet.
Now that I think about it, Margery looks more of a werebear than a werewolf. Regardless, her powers include instant regeneration, the ability to fire energy projectiles from the air and from her mouth, and the ability to multiply. It doesn’t seem to really be a transformation though, because you see Margery’s actual face part-way through the fight. Maybe Marchosias turns into the outer parts of the werebear, and Margery is inside controlling it?
Anyway, like I said, I really like this episode. The Shana vs. Margery battle seems more or less over, and Margery looks to have moved on to Friagne by next week. I cross my fingers for another episode like this one or anything as long as they keep the jargon count low and keep Yuuji from being a passive and/or wimpy figure. Oh, and more Shana please…


  1. wow, so you needed some shana to regain interest in this show. +_+
    seems like this episodes gonna be a good one (not referring to the fanservice).
    Anyways, keep up the great work on da spoilers! =D

  2. well after watching it a second time i can conclude with 2 reasons why Shana lost… For one, she is too hot headed – ie never think before she acts

    Secondly, her thoughts are distracted by yuji who constantly keep appearing in her mind…(i call this emotional blackmail wahahaha!!) oh well hope they can keep up the good work…

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