Short Summary:
Knowing that he has to get a good present for Honoka’s birthday, Yamato asks the girls around him on what he should give her. He even turns down a date with Honoka so that he can search for her present. In the end, he asks Suzuka to go shopping with him. The two eventually find a necklace, being sold by the newspaper girl, that Yamato buys. Meanwhile, Honoka thinks that Yamato has forgotten her birthday until Yuuka tells her that he’s out buying a gift for her. She’s delighted that he hasn’t forgotten until she sees him chatting happily with Suzuka on the street after having bought the necklace. The next day, Yamato presents Honoka with her present, and she’s still quite happy to receive it. Yamato is surprised that Honoka knows that he lied about going out with Yasunobu the day before (which was his excuse for searching for her present) and about him looking for the gift with Suzuka. But Honoka still doesn’t really seem to mind. It’s not until Yamato starts to talk at length about the time he spent with Suzuka looking for the necklace that Honoka starts to remember how happy he looked when she saw him with Suzuka the day before. Because of this, she gives back the present.

Yamato…is an idiot… Honoka forgave him for lying to her about going out with Yasunobu and even forgave him for going out with Suzuka instead to look for a gift for her. But he had to go and continue talking about his day with Suzuka, and that just blew right up in his face. Granted, taking Suzuka along in the first place probably wasn’t the best idea, but to basically rub in Honoka’s face is a really stupid move on Yamato’s part.
The hole in the wall strikes again! The biggest difference between this episode and the manga is that the final scene is changed to be outside Yamato and Suzuka’s rooms. Instead of having Suzuka crawl through the hole to see what was going on, here we have Suzuka waiting outside. The conversations are basically the same, so the change in setting really doesn’t matter. Though I still think that they shouldn’t have left the hole out…
And if you haven’t figured out where this is going, the next episode title should clue you in: 「別離」 (Separation).


  1. Honoka fanboys will start blaming Suzuka for everything, when it’s the mangaka thats messing around with everyone’s feelings by writing this story. Not unexpected, considering how much the story has been messing everyone’s feelings around. Return of shinbun/cable teribi onee-san rocks though, once again this utterly random character(great creation by the mangaka) totally mess up the status quo between the characters, hahahaha. 3 for 3 now. XD

  2. Great job Yamoto! you know exactly what to do to screw up relationships.

    Seriously, i know its the name of the show but why suzuka, for god sakes, Honoka is much more caring and forgiving and just overall a better choice


  3. Yup I agree. The hole should be there. It was the “thing” that connect suzuka and yamato in the first place. But the anime omit it.

    Since the title for next episode is pretty clear, I guess most would know what will happen. THose who read manga would definitely know what would happen.

    fisherman horizon
  4. I haven’t read the manga but I would think that the hole in the wall didn’t make considering the fact that the building isn’t a slum. That the hole in the wall would be to similiar to the hole in the roof in Love Hina or the hole in the wall in Honey&Clover, Maison Ikkoku, etc.

  5. how can you sympathize with Asahina though after the first 12 episodes of guiltless stone cold rejection she gave Yamato countlessly?

    seriously i hope that when the ending does take place at the end of the series, that she gets run over and dies instead of Yamato to mirror the last abrupt relationship she had with that Yamato-clone guy.

    i would have to agree, Yamato means well but only in a mentally retarded way, how can a main character be so frigging stupid since he knew already how emotionally naive Honoka was all along.

  6. I never notice the hole… Why did they present the hole in the first episode then??? Pointless…

    Anyways… The hole reminds me of Love Hina.

    BTW – GJ Yamato, what a way to break a girl’s heart.

  7. i dont think there’s a hole in the wall for anime at all. Only in manga, and its a centerpiece for suzuka and yamato conversation. but they managed to omit it without spoiling the anime

    fisherman horizon
  8. If Yamato always knew exactly what to do, we’d have a pretty dull anime series now wouldn’t we? 😛

    You have to give the guy a break though, I mean, most people have been where he is now and if you didn’t talk to others much about things, you would be pretty naive with relationships as well. They’re in high school and it’s his first relationship, so I can totally sympathize with him. Just go back and remember all the stupid things you did in your first relationship. 😛


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