ANS is reporting:

The Japanese Maid industry has taken another turn. Hiroshima-based is now offering their “Maid Takuhai” service which litteraly brings cosplay maids into your own house to serve you. They will play games with you, tell you a story, help with housework and more. But the move has generated alot of controversy since these young cosplay girls are already the object of lust from the hard moe and naughty tentacles otaku crowd just by doing their thing safe in the trappings of a maid cafe. The website mentions the maids will not perform sexual services.

This story had me cracking up for quite a long time…


  1. Oh neat! A Sage costume! I’d like one for myself so that I can be a proper maid to my Goshujin-sama…! ^_^ Eheheh.
    Interesting story. I suppose it’s a good idea as long as the rules are followed and so forth.

  2. I fail to be surprised anymore, especially with our counterparts’ behavior (and promotions) over the Pacific. Remember that ninja academy they established a few years back, where you’re suppose to learn how to do ‘ninja’ (as in fiction)-stuff?

  3. If they’re not prostitutes, they will get raped.

    Come to think of it though, this is a pretty good way to run an illegal brothel. You don’t have to conduct business in a dangerous, easy to raid place like a love hotel or such. You can just do it in somebody’s private apartment where presumably it would take more effort to apply for a warrant to search.


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