Short Summary:
In Vietnam, Saya has been enrolled into the Lycee de Cinq Fleshe. She is assigned to the same room as Min, a very talkative girl. Meanwhile, Kai and Riku are left alone at a hotel with a credit card and no clue where their Red Shield friends are At his own base of operations, David has photographs of a girl wearing the lycee’s uniform who died of blood loss (to a Chiropteran). Saya calls him to report that nothing has happened, and David warns her that there’s probably a Chiropteran around the school. Later, Min tells Saya the legend of the Phantom and the blue rose, and she ends by mentioning that the Phantom appears on the bell tower during nights of the new moon. The two then notice Hagi, who has joined the school as a gardener and has become the idol of the girls. Saya later speaks with Hagi alone, but they’re spotted by Karl, the director of the school. As he spies on the two, he feels a pain on his right shoulder, so he slinks away. Hagi gives Saya a dagger since he can’t give her the sword. At night, once her roommate falls asleep on her bed (after a round of questions including Saya’s first kiss), Saya sees a light at the bell tower. She goes to investigate and is surprised when a masked man appears at the top. Saya throws Hagi’s dagger into his shoulder, but the man pulls it right out and the wound heals rapidly, leading her to believe that he’s a Chiropteran. Fortunately, Hagi jumps onto the scene and fights off him off. After the phantom disappears, Saya picks up a blue rose that he apparently left behind.

Blood+ has really been growing on me, and I think this episode is a very good example of why. For an introductory episode into the new arc, there’s a good amount of “where’s everyone now,” but they still manage to convey the plot, introduce the characters, and even include some suspense and action at the end. The Vietnam/Lycee setting isn’t terribly unique, but it allows for an interesting set of new people. Ms. Lee is the matron who may or may not be in cahoots with Karl, who is most likely the phantom/Chiropteran (if not him then maybe a twin or brother or something). Min is a very likeable girl, and she becomes a good friend of Saya’s pretty quickly. There’s also the insidious looking Anna Mary girl who’s isn’t too happy that Saya is interacting with Hagi. I assume that since she’s on the character page, she’ll have a part to play in the story.
Let’s see…Kai and Riku are left with a credit card capable of buying a tank, according to Lewis’ note. But they have no idea where anyone else is, and decide to look for Saya. Next episode looks like it’s going to be mostly about those two and their search. I’m not too big a fan of their characters right now, but hopefully it won’t be a bad episode.


  1. I think it’s adorable the way Saya, Hagi and Kai all stick together. In Ep 7, it was kind of cliche about how they were talking about family, and sticking together no matter what,… but that’s to be expected, and it wasn’t detrimental considering all that happened before.

    Monsieur what’s-his-name is annoying….

  2. I really just wanted to say thanks sooooooooooooo much for all the summaries, and images. You can totally just read these if you don’t see an episode. I t is very much appreciated, so thanks a lot!!!!!

    Dele Olanubi

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