Having lost a lot of his men, the captain calls for the Green Dragon force to kill anyone they see. But before they can do so, they’re pelted with fire from Ryo and his friends. Meanwhile, Shin Hon, who is still unconscious from before, remembers when he and Glass Heart were in training camp together and helped each other out. As the years went on, he started to like her, though he never got to tell her his feelings. Knowing about their developing relationship, their superiors were glad that they had to fight each other in order to prove that one of them could be an assassin. Shin Hon had survived and was placed in a different group from Glass Heart so that the two wouldn’t meet again. In the present, Shin Hon wakes up and tells GH how much he wanted to see her. But he then goes on alert when he spots Mochiyama, remembering that the stout man was in his scopes when he assassinated Lee Taijin’s brother. GH stops him, but everyone soon faints as the result of a sleeping gas being pumped into the room. A group of masked men then come in and take Shin Hon. Barely conscious, GH stabs herself with a broken bottle and hobbles off to chase the kidnappers. The men take Shin Hon before the real Lee Taijin, who points a gun and shoots at him in order to test Shin Hon’s determination. Down below, the fighting has stopped as Lee Taijin’s personal guard force has stepped in to silently kill all of the Green Dragon, and their leader Chin leads Ryo to Lee Taijin. When Glass Heart finally reaches the roof, she faints into Shin Hon’s arms. From her bleeding, he realizes that she stabbed herself earlier so that she could remain awake in order to find him. And knowing that there’s one more thing for him to do, he runs off. Lee Taijin, who has finally been reunited with his daughter, calls out her real name: Shanin.

This is a pretty important episode, as we learn a lot about Glass Heart’s past, including her real name. I guess now that she has one, I should start using it. Shanin and Shin Hon are pretty much rekindling their relationship, but of course there’s still Ryo. While I doubt he’ll have any romantic intentions with Shanin, he probably still wants to hear from the Kaori inside of her.
As usual, the quality of this production is fairly high, but I still don’t like how they make their night scenes too dark looking. This arc is almost over, but there’s something that still needs to be taken care of first – the guy who originally ordered Lee Taijin’s assassination (which is where Shin Hon went running).


  1. i love this show too. i was always eager for the next episode. this is my first time to leave a comment.

    it was my husband that was really into anime and i’m a bit picky on what anime to watch. i like city

    hunter a lot and kaori and ryo.too bad my husband likes saeko and hates kaori which really irritates

    me. when i first read episode 1 i was really relieved that kaori and ryo finally admitted that they love

    each other and plans to get married. i was hoping for that as an ending in the city hunter but there was

    really no ending and this

    makes me think there might be a sequel coming.that’s the angel heart

    keep it up. you’re not alone


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