Utada Hikaru performed her upcoming song 「Passion」 last night on Music Station. Surprisingly they allowed her to sing pretty much the entire four plus minutes of the song (usually artists sing a shorter version). Actually I’m slightly disappointed at the performance – she started off a bit shaky and seemed unable to hit a few of the higher notes. I was wondering how they were going to do the voice overlays, but those parts ended up being pre-recorded. Still, I really do like the song, and this is a decent live performance (I’ve seen much worse). Less than three more weeks until Kingdom Hearts II


  1. Passion > Simple & Clean. BY FAR.

    Besides, KH2 WILL be THE end-of-2005 game, much like To Heart 2 before it (Har har har). Tell me what’s the last time you ever saw Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron AND Chicken Little in the SAME game…

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