Shana and Yuuji have been practicing at night to allow Shana greater control over the powers she gains when she’s with him (wings, flaming sword, etc). Yuuji on the other hand, seems to be still getting used to the torch refresh he experiences every night. While eating after training, Shana doesn’t seem to understand why the woman on the TV hit the guy who tried to kiss her. At school, after hearing about kisses again in the shower, Shana tries to look it up in the library, but ends up going to ask Yuuji’s mother about it. Chigusa explains that a mouth to mouth kiss is like an oath, done with someone you trust completely. After hearing her tell Shana about kisses, Alastor requests that Shana and Yuuji help him talk to Chigusa. They set him up on the phone, and after Chigusa hurries the kids off to school, the two talk. Alastor doesn’t want her to tell Shana any more about love, but Chigusa convinces him that it’s important for Shana’s development. At lunch, Kazumi brings Yuuji a boxed lunch since he always brings store bought rice balls. As a result, Shana gets jealous and offers Yuuji one of her melon breads. Meanwhile, Margery is out shopping with the boys when she runs into Sorath, Tiriel, and Shudonai. She and Shudonai are apparently already acquainted, and Shudonai explains who she is to the siblings. After the Tomogara group moves on, Eita and Keisaku wonder why she’s letting them get away. But as Marchosias implies, she’s not so much letting them get away as much as she is just probably not strong enough to fight them. Walking through the city, Sorath wonders where the 贄殿遮那 (Nietono no Shana – the name of Shana’s sword) is.

This episode feels a bit lackluster to me. There’s enough going on, but it doesn’t feel like they’re setting up for something. For the most part, we’re just seeing Shana grapple with learning about love through Chigusa (whom I have a new found respect for). There’s no kiss, but plenty of fanservice. Well, no kiss between Yuuji and Shana anyway. Sorath and Tiriel apparently can’t get enough of each other’s lips. Almost every scene with them features them sucking face.
The two biggest questions I have from this episode are if Margery is going to fight the siblings/Shudonai before Shana does and is Shana going to go into her battle holding Yuuji’s hand? For now, it seems that Shana’s powers are fueled by Yuuji (which is why they do it right before midnight). But it’s impractical for her to hold onto Yuuji in a fight. In any case, I hope next episode offers a battle, though the preview doesn’t show one. It’s called 「ゆりかごに花は咲いて」 (The Flower that Blooms in the Cradle), a reference to Tiriel’s Cradle Garden that she mentions earlier this episode.


  1. Anyone else think there is something wrong with yuji’s mom? She seems way too accpeting evenf or a anime mother and her eyes bother me quite a bit. I just think she knows a lot more of whats going on then both Yuuji and Shana thinks.

  2. Just finish watching the raw and that conservation between Alastor and Yuugi’s mom was very strange. I can’t understand but judging ofrm her facial expression and Alastor’s voice, you can tell that She definately knows more then she lets on.

  3. Just find it weird that Yuuji’s mum doesnt seem to care why the heck is Shana with Yuuji. Is Shana even staying with Yuuji? Kinna close aren’t they? Her mum even buys swinsuit and gives Shana dresses! LoL!

    As for the Shana and Kazumi in the showers, it’s be so funny to see Shana comparing her assests with Kazumi’s. LOL!!!

  4. girl sprouting wings of flame… sister and brother kissing each other … pendant speaking …. fat babies eating souls… everything is wierd about shakugan no shana .. there are still alot of secrets or points to be unovered

  5. Am I the only one who gets somewhat disturbed by the twincest going on there? First FMP’s Yu twins, and now these two… who appear far too young to be doing such things to boot, though that could be just their costumes which make them look less mature than they might otherwise be.

    I do wonder what Chigusa knows here, or why she’s doing all this for Shana – dressing the girl up, and then going into detail about matters like this. How much does she know about Shana again? Or about Flame Hazes, and the rest?

  6. I watched the raw, and at the beginning of the conversation between Alastor and Yuuji’s mother, Yuuji’s mom refers to Shana as Yukari Hirai…but I don’t think she was ever introduced as such. WTF is that about? She definetely knows more than she’s letting on…

  7. I can’t be the only one who find it awkward that Chigusa calls Alastor “Ala Stall”?

    I’m hoping this anime won’t go DBZ (new enemies appear – main character is beat up badly – main character gains new power – beats the new enemy – another new enemy appears – main character is defeated etc. etc.).

  8. Sorry about that… I love to much Shakugan no Shana and… I need time off.

    I hope next week a good fight between Shana & the siblings with a little help of Yuuji of course

    Syaoran Li
  9. Well, not an action-packed episode, but I don’t think it’s all just a wasteful one, as most would think. It’s character development which tops everything else here, as well as plot. Seems that the twins and Sydonay are going to face off with Shana, probably over her sword, perhaps.

  10. In (sort of) answer to the questions about Chigusa’s knowledge of what’s going on:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    This episode was definitely not a waste/filler, with it having more development on Shana’s feelings for Yuuji. None of the episodes so far have been complete fillers at all, even the swimsuit episode had some development in the love triangle with Kazumi seeing how close Yuuji and Shana are.

    As for a possible DBZ comparison: it doesn’t exist. The “new enemies appear – main character is beat up badly – main character gains new power – beats new enemy – new enemy appears” thing is not DBZ explicit. (hint hint: Bleach, and the first person who says that anime sucks is gonna get receive ze shmackdown 😀 ) And the real reason DBZ sucks is because a fight against a single bad guy lasts a ridiculous number of episodes, when most of what’s going on in that fight is “the opponents fight for five minutes – they stop fighting and talk for 15 minutes – they fight for four minutes – episode ends” and “opponents fight – one side powers up and gains upper hand – other side powers up and gains upper hand – the other side powers up and gains the upper hand – repeat -repeat – repeat.” Needless to say, this is not at all what we’ve got happening in Shakugan no Shana.


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