For the dance, Min supplies Saya with a dress. When the night comes, Saya attracts everyone’s attention because she’s the girl Phantom gave a rose to. With Min off flirting with boys, Saya stands by the food table until David and Julia show up. David is going to underground area under the rose garden to investigate that container. A mysterious, well-dressed foreigner with a blue rose soon arrives and makes all of the girls swoon. Much to everyone’s surprise, he passes Anna-Mary to dance with Saya. But they only get one dance in before Van Argeno pulls Solomon off to show him the appearance of their experiment. Before he goes, Solomon gives pins a blue rose in Saya’s hair.
Outside, Saya senses Karl and chases after him with Julia and Hagi. Meanwhile, David has made his way underground to the container, which has been loaded onto a truck. The reporter Akihiro, who was turned away at the gate, followed the truck in, but is caught and knocked out. David tries to stop the truck with his gun, but the bullet is blocked by Karl. Saya, Julia, and Hagi arrive to fight, though they have a hard time with the Phantom. Saya even goes into her killer mode, but Karl is able to easily slash her several times, and then catches her sword in his hand. When he inspects her face, Karl realizes that she’s not fully awoken yet, and so he leaves the fight. Akihiro, who had woken up, had been taking pictures of the battle until he got knocked back into a wine rack. He picks up one of the bottles and realizes that it’s dated 1967. When the Red Shield group makes their way back above ground, they are seen by Min, who is shocked when she spots Saya all bloodied up. Without an explanation, Saya boards a waiting car to chase after the truck, though afterwards she regrets not saying something.

Seems like almost all of the important players are gathered at the dance, including the surprise appearances of Van Argeno and Solomon. I originally thought that Chevaliers might be people who were part Chiropteran, but Solomon, upon closer inspection, does not seem to have any Chiropteran features (like Hagi’s wrapped arm or Karl’s covered . But I guess that could just be well hidden under the suit. And Van Argeno showing up here makes me wonder if he’s one of them too.
Karl seems quite disappointed that Saya hasn’t fully awakened to what I assume is her full killer form. Is Karl thirsting that much for the thrill of killing that Saya? In any case, he’s still on the loose and our heroes are chasing. Next week looks like David calls for some heavily armed reinforcements from Red Shield (who now have character profiles on the official page). I get the vague feeling that by the end of that series, that character list will be incredibly long…


  1. wow… like the episode… sad a bit at the end…

    David’s so caught up in this, Julia wants a little attention heh

    Saya, while knowing about her strength, has no understanding nor recollection of it or her past skills… makes her look like a hero in training…

    Hagi isn’t as strong as thought, and Phantom is for all intents and purposes fixated on his revenge that if its not exacted as he’s dreamed, it’s meaningless… wow… hooked!

  2. Julia must be trying to seduce David with the twins…
    And funny to see Saya swooning over Solomon.
    Now we know Haji is also a chevalier,whatever that means. This was a great episode.
    Poor Saya.

  3. i’m guessing it’s Diva’s casket in that container , or things related to her … and Van Argeno’s stuff

    Karl and Haji are different frm meer Chiropteran experiments . they are frm ages past

    as for Karl calling Haji ” Saya no Syu-vari- ”

    the word is ” chivalries ” , i trust , not chevalier … since chevalier often means thief or pirate

    – chivalries – it means knight , the term itself dates back to the Crusades

    in this case , one serving Saya

    for those interested , see also Knight Flag , The Chivalries , The Five Star Stories ,

    just my humble opinion …

    until next …

  4. Thanks for the summary! This episode has brought up a lot of questions for me. Or rather, they made me that more interested in the answers. I’m really curious about how Karl knows Saya. How does Karl know her well enough to know whether she’s awakened or not? I thought he might have noticed the rate at which her wounds were healing, but when he grabs her, he looks into her eyes. We know from previous episodes when Saya channels her old self, her voice sounds different. But Karl notices something in her eyes (*shrugs* They looked red to me)

    And what exactly did Saya do to Karl? I don’t think it has anything to do with his being a Chiropteran, or part Chiropteran. He said that his right arm had been throbbing ever since he saw Saya. Judging from this episode, his left arm is normal unless he wills it otherwise, so his right hand must be why he wears the gloves. And who else has a right hand/arm impediment? There’s some common thread that Karl and Haji share but I don’t know what it is.

    And if karl knew her, why didn’t he know Haji? I get the impression that Haji’s never been too far away from her, except for the period of time where she disappeared (or was removed?) after Vietnam. And Haji seems to know the details about what happened there, so why doesn’t Karl know Haji? Whatever happened in Vietnam must have been huge. If Saya had just chopped off Karl’s arm and ran, it probably wouldn’t look like it does now. His arm throbbing could be a simple psychological reaction to trauma, but nothing has been that simple yet.

    Guh. At least the answers will be good when we finally get all of the pieces.

  5. P.S. To tonbo: Chevalier, not ‘chivalries’, means ‘knight’ in French. It’s also one of the ranks in the Légion d’honneur established by Napoleon, which may or may not be significant.

    Are you thinking of ‘Cavalier’? Cavalier is another term for a mounted soldier but the word Karl definitely had a ‘シュ’ sound not a ‘カ’ sound. Chevalier is the etymological root of the english cavalier. But given the French connection we’ve already observed, it’s most likely Chevalier.

  6. I don’t know if it’s been discussed before, but can someone please explain to me what/who a diva is? Has it even been explained in previous episodes? If it has I must have missed it.

    And is Haji “just” Saya’s chevalier? If I remember correctly, in one of the earlier episodes an old picture of Haji and Saya was shown (I’m assuming the picture was taken before Saya’s long slumber), which makes me wonder what kind of relationship they had before.

    Eleutheria: the girl in the preview looks like the girl Kai and Riku met back in episode 9 (can’t remember her name)

    Regarding the chevalier/chivalries discussion, I’ve always thought that chivalry is more like the principle of knighthood (like what bushido is to a samurai), but I could be wrong. And as far as I know, the word chivalry has its roots in the French word chevalier (or maybe they share the same roots).


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