Elis has been busying herself with housework, although she screws up at vacuuming and forgets to buy meat for the sukiyaki. After dinner, Hiroki answers a call from a relative who wants them to baby-sit her daughter Haruna. When she arrives the next day, Haruna is more interested in her book than playing with Hiroki or Elis. Elis asks Haruna if she wants to go somewhere, and Haruna decides that she wants to have an adventure based on the book she’s reading – The Secret Castle of Gandhara. The three dress up and traipse to the park, to a gashapon vending machine, and to a cafe. At the gashapon machine, Haruna’s searching for the yellow capsule reminds Hiroki of Elis doing the same when she was young.
Haruna gets tired by the end of the day, so Hiroki carries her up to a place overlooking the city with a view of the sky. On the way up, Hiroki recounts to Elis how she always wanted a piggyback ride too. Hiroki feels that he’s always been the princess’ bodyguard, to which Elis replies that she’s always been brother’s little sister. After Elis pretends to say an incantation, the moon appears, dazzling Haruna. The little girl decides that Hiroki and Elis should kiss, which freaks Elis out. She prepares herself, but Hiroki lifts Haruna between them so that they both kiss Haruna’s cheeks. The three return home to clean up and have dinner. Haruna ends up sleeping in Elis’ room, so Elis sleeps on Hiroki’s bed, and Hiroki sleeps on the floor. After Haruna leaves the next day with her mother, Elis apologizes to Hiroki for making him worry before, and says that she’s ok now.

What a waste of an episode, only scene worth watching was the kiss part, and that alone is not enough to keep the episode afloat. After rewatching this, I realized it’s not quite such a bad episode. The main point of this episode, behind all of the Haruna adventure stuff, is to show Elis realizing what type of relationship she has with Hiroki, which would be a brother/sister one as she states. The Haruna adventure stuff showed her that she can have fun with Hiroki without needing to be his lover, though I do wish that they had chosen another method to convey that message.
Elis doesn’t explicitly say that she’s giving up on Hiroki, but I do believe that she has more or less let him go. That leaves him free for the next arc, starting next episode, with Kiri. The preview was comprised entirely of the Kiri’s high school confession to Hiroki, and so next episode should have lots of interesting scenes, especially since it introduces a certain someone…

Closing Thought: I like the eyecatches this week ^_^


  1. Ohhh, what is this? Is Hiroki going lolicon now? 😛

    I guess they did do the confession part too early.


    Random staff: “I know, let’s turn Hiroki into a LOLICON!!”

    Random staff2: “Ya, then we can do an episode about the random guy’s life za GggggREAT!”

  2. It’s weird how the manga seems to be going in a totally different direction. It’s even weirder how Tomoko is the best character in either, and she’s only an add-on character in the PS2 version.

  3. Yes, next episode… the return of…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Should be quite good. It will kick things up a notch, I would think. Although how things will go for the remaining 13 episodes should be interesting to see.

  4. I like this episode even though it is basically a filler episode. I’m a sucker for character development episodes, which is what this one really is . . . I will be interested to see what happens now that we are going to revisit Kiri’s confession from High School in the next epsiode . . . .

  5. I’m wondering if the point of the filler episode was to show the brother/sister relationship, or start Hiroki’s mind into thinking about Elis differently… The looks between them at the end… Well, I mean, this episode could be a foundation for either ending.

    Such a pity, no Kiri at all in this episode, except for the eye catches, which were the best part about the episode. Quite looking forward to next episode, though.


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