When they were young, there was a typhoon during which the power went out, and Kenji jumped the gap between their houses to comfort a scared Nanami. It was at this time that Nanami showed Kenji that her fish hairpin glowed in the dark. Fast forward to the present, and another typhoon is coming. Kenji and Nanami, who are working in the fields after having returned from their trip, get caught in the storm. Nanami’s stomach started hurting earlier, but she assured Kenji that it was nothing. At home, Kenji is thinking about giving Nanami the other hairpin when he hears her yell from outside in the rain. He opens the balcony door to see her jumping across the gap. After she begs him, Kenji decides to let her stay for the duration of the typhoon. A lightning strike once again takes out the power, and Nanami jumps on top of Kenji out of fear. But soon after Kenji gets up from the bed, Nanami starts to have stomach pains again, this time much more severe. The telephone lines seem to be out, and Kenji is panicked about what to do. He finally decides to personally pull the horse-cart, with Nanami in it, to the hospital.
The next morning, Nanami’s mother wakes Kenji up in the lobby to tell him that it was a case of appendicitis and that Nanami is ok now. When Kenji goes to Nanami’s room, the first thing he does is hug her. As she recovers, Kenji goes to work out in the fields, re-growing all of the damaged plants. The days go by until Nanami is finally released from the hospital. Kenji fixes up a Nanami-special watermelon and tapes the blue hairpin onto it for her. However, on the way back, the side of the hill gives away, causing a landslide. Kenji spots the gap in the road too late, and goes flying off his motorcycle and bouncing on the concrete. Back at the fields, Nanami arrives looking for him. She spots the hairpin on the watermelon and happily puts it on. But when she calls out for Kenji, he’s nowhere to be found.

Quite an impressive episode – animation is superb – with a few twists I wasn’t expecting. Nanami’s the one who is hospitalized during the typhoon, but Kenji’s the one who looks like he’ll need the most help after what happened at the end of the episode. I do have to say that Kenji has one heck of an endurance, able to pull a cart with Nanami in it all the way to the hospital during a typhoon – and he isn’t wearing a raincoat, nor does it appear that he gets sick afterwards.
As for their relationship, Nanami and Kenji are acting more and more like a couple, even snuggling a few times during the episode. Kenji puts so much work into their garden so that Nanami doesn’t have to see it ruined. And now that he’s had an accident, I assume that it’s Nanami’s turn to show her dedication for him. It’s interesting to note that she isn’t wearing the blue hairpin in any of the preview shots, so maybe she’s saving it for when he recovers? Anyway, Lamune has gotten pretty darn good these past few episodes, and there’s only one more week of it left! 🙂


  1. Nanami’s stomach was weak since she was small. She rarely gets abnormal pain from it.

    Again, I would like to really compliment the Lamune staff for managing to highlight all the important events.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    If they do that, I’ll no doubt vote Lamune as the anime with the best romance plot of 2005 🙂

    Edited by Omni for Spoilers

  2. The animation looks better this episode. I was thinking they’d have a little more romance between Kenji and Nanami this episode then what it looks like from the screenshots, but that’s okay since it’s they’re still going to get together. I’m glad that this anime is lioving up to my expectations as not being an actual harem, as there is nothing wrong with there being plenty of characters who are girls, just as long as it doesn’t go down the cliched line of each one having a crush in the hero of the story and all competing for his love and stuff. Heck, even the one other girl who did have a crush on him acknowledged early on that she didn’t stand a chance and thus didn’t fight for Kenji. 😀 Although I know that this was probably not as true for the original PC game, given the original PC game’s genre *ahem*. ^^b

  3. Well what do you expect, its NekoNekoSoft writing…of all the H Games I played, they by far have the best writers for straight up one-to-one romantic plot development.

    Bravo to the heightened animation quality, cant wait until the last episode ^_^. This anime season is definitely gonna end with a bang.

  4. Ooohh. Lamune was by NekoNekoSoft… no wonder I liked how things were going. (at the end) I love NekoNekoSoft’s writing~

    I was so happy to see Lamune get better towards the end, since the beginning-middle was kind of.. blah.


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