2 Brief Notes:

  • For those of you who noticed, I didn’t blog Karin last week or this week. After having thought about it for a long time, I’ve decided to drop the show because it doesn’t interest me anymore.
  • Kingdom Hearts II is amazing. The opening sequence is beautiful. Must go play more…

    1. Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out in March, the president of Square-Enix said it’s ready for a March release…and isn’t a coincident that Twilight Princess comes out in March too. Seems like March is a good month for gaming.

    2. ack, i downloaded the opening fmv of kh2 and the first four cutcscenes, then deleted the link to the site of where i went for news of it.. and i’ve promised myself not to spoil myself anymore and wait till march.. it’s only three more months, i keep repeating to myself–ack again.

    3. Hell no! Though I won’t question his decision, it is still sad that he dropped Karin. Now all we can do is to pray to the Omni-scient that he’ll be cured from the devilish curse of KHII. ^__^;;

    4. why u stop i maen it was geting good dammit. but kingdom heart two is good. my big sister finsh it a long time ago. she was on that waiting list and got it as soon as she was able to. me i just like seeing her play so i know what to do on mine. of couse the guide book doesn’t hurt. but i’m still very very mad. oh and i LOVE how easy it is for the frist 3 month i play for 3-8 hours a day (saturday i spend seeing anime till 12:00.so i coled not play.)well bye i might add a new comment later if i have the time agien


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