OP Sequence

OP: 「あまえないでよっ!!」 (Amaenaideyo!!) by あまえ隊っ!! (The Amae Group!!)

ED Sequence

ED: 「Lonesome Traveler」 by 中原麻衣 (Nakahara Mai)

When I dropped the first season of this show, I swore that I wouldn’t watch it ever again. Out of boredom and morbid curiosity, I picked up the first episode of the second season. To be honest, I was a bit surprised because the show seems to have gotten a bit better. A bit better are the key words. This is still chock full of inane fanservice, but I like the villainess that they’ve introduced, Kazuki, more than any of the other characters. Animation seems a bit better too, though it’s hard to say if that’ll last. And just like last season, I find both the OP and ED quite catchy. Sad to say, these are probably the ones I like the most out of the three new shows this season I’ve watched so far. Anyway, it’s not worth my time to summarize or regularly blog this, but I may end up watching this show as a guilty pleasure.


  1. oh god thx for the review…now i am at peace…this show also has a new female caracter to put some storm on the comedy romance…this makes it´s comedy more flexible…i love ” LOVE ” – AI NO TAME NI T_T -> O_O -> ^_^( service fan service ) good choice omni!!

    phrase of the day yakitate japan (pierro dakara!!) :


  2. Bah, I used to watch the first season because it looked like a Love Hina reborn. BIG mistake.

    I’ll be giving this show a go as well, but if it isn’t still as close to being awesome as Love Hina, I’m going to screw this since I’m not so bored anymore these days ^_^;

  3. seems to be funny i havent watched the first season ( and from what i read just now) thank god i didnt … im not sure about this one thought i guess ill watch it and see how it goes!

  4. I preffered the combo slash with a finishing blow from chitose more than the suzuka serial slash dance on yamato´s face.that was a real limit breaker from tetsuya nomura( cloud´s OMNIslash ) LOL.
    we could create a new anime from this series of jabs called HAJIME NO IKKO ( LOL )

  5. >>>I am the only person who likes this show? I like 1 or 2 mindless shows during a season. Everything does not have to be serious with some massive plot for 26 episodes . . . .

    You’re right. It doesn’t.

    But everything has to fall in place. A trend can’t continue forever. Not when people are going to go for something else. And especially when the trend is “perverted spineless guy gets the snot beaten out of him by multipe girls.”

  6. “perverted spineless guy gets the snot beaten out of him by multipe girls.”

    I love that kind of humor, can’t get enough of it.
    I’m one of the apparent few who really enjoy this show I guess.

  7. omg. amaenaideyo katsu! 01 just got subbed by Mendoi-Fansubs(dvd) and i found it more addicting than amaenaideyo. the new girl is very attractive. i cant wait for their releases

  8. I’m another one of the few who enjoy amaenaideyo I guess…
    This anime show is meant to be plain old comedey, the funny life of a miserable boy who undergoes harsh training and 6 nuns. Which is funny. Agreed, amaenaideyo katsu is better because it actually has a plot, unlike the first series that were just meant to be funny and random. But amaenaideyo is still good. For you people that are too obsessed with plots that you will shun good anime series to hell just because of no serious plot, go away! Shoo! Amaenaideyo is not for you.

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