OP Sequence

OP: 「たったひとつだけ」(Tatta Hitotsu Dake) by yozuca*

On the high seas, a three ship convoy comes under attack by missiles. After the first ship is hit, the ship in the rear moves up and defends the main ship with its missiles and guns. We learn that in this world, a huge typhoon called the Grand Roar appeared in the Pacific Ocean, and as a result, the global climate changed and there’s a lot more water now. But with the development of the new world, there are also organized terrorists – pirates. The rise of pirates also gave rise to private enterprises of self defense organizations.
Flashback to when he was younger, Nagimiya Hyousuke remembers being separated from his sister, and her saying that they’d meet again on the ocean. Now that he’s grown up a bit, Hyousuke has just landing at an airport and is looking around after getting off the shuttle when a woman, Clio Aquanaut, runs into him while she’s being chased by a throng of young girls. Hyousuke gets caught up in the chase and Clio throws him into a car while she continues to run off on foot. The car’s owner, Fukami Sango, gets in thinking that Hyousuke is her friend Kairi Miharu, who is actually outside the car. Sango panics and starts recklessly driving all over the place. They’re finally stopped on the beach, when Akoya Manatsu and her twin Akoya Mashuu stop the car with paint guns.
The girls take a passed out Hyousuke and dump him in a public bath where their friends Watatsumi Tsubasa and Shimabara Mitori are bathing. Having been seen naked by a boy, Tsubasa is less than happy and starts beating on Hyousuke until she’s stopped by a senior company official who tells them that Hyousuke is a technician here to update the ship’s systems. Then Misaki Nanaha, captain of the “Pascal Mage” arrives. To everyone’s surprise, Hyousuke identifies her as “Nana-nee,” since she’s the girl who he remembers from before. But Nanaha is all business, so Hyousuke isn’t able to get reacquainted.
Hyousuke is led to the ship by Tsubasa, who obviously dislikes him, and it doesn’t help when he wonders aloud if it’s ok for all the workers to be female. After the ship leaves port, Hyousuke is on the job and looking for the CIC room, but finds underwear hanging around instead. Tsubasa catches him looking and leads him to the right place, though she still hates him. Nanaha happens to arrive at the same time, and the two go in just as alarm bells start to go off. The ship comes under attack, but they’re able to shoot down all of the missiles. The crew is then puzzled when the enemy ships then disappear off their radar. Hyousuke is amazed watching the girls in action after Nanaha calls for battle stations and at Nanaha’s serious but beautiful face.

ED Sequence

ED: 「モノクローム」 (Monochrome) by 中原麻衣 (Nakahara Mai)
I didn’t think yozuca* could do such a good, fast paced song, but that’s exactly what the OP is. Ending is a slower song done by Nakahara Mai that I don’t like nearly as much.

Well that was a lot more ero than I bargained for. So far, I have relatively mixed feelings for the show. I enjoyed the battle sequences even the CG wasn’t that great, and I liked the comedic and ecchi parts even though they’re not what I was watching this show for. Overall the first episode was alright, but there wasn’t anything too original. I’m hearing a lot of buzz about how this show is like Starship Operators and Stratos 4 (neither of which I’ve seen), so I guess if you liked those you’ll probably like Tactical Roar too.
None of the characters got much development, other than the fact that Hyousuke considers Nanaha his sister and that Tsubasa hates Hyousuke after what happened in the bath house. This ended up being more of an introduction to everyone, particularly during the crazy first half where they were introducing a new character every scene. But that’s fairly normal for a first episode. Anyway, the odds are that I’ll keep watching this, but I dunno if I’ll keep blogging it. It all depends on how Kage Kara Mamoru turns out (which is next on my to-watch list).


  1. man you do love music don´t you??
    I bet you are japanese don´t you?
    but the animation rocks i am using winny to pick this up in 5 min.( ore sama ga waku waku suru zo)

  2. don´t kill me yet!! ^^
    I am saying this because my friend lives on saporo and he sends the animes in raw for a fast server for me( there are times i am way too fast than your blog to watch stuff, but i like the way you copy and paste your pictures and the comments too)and he loves Jpop just like you do.I like it too but just the few I know.also my japanese is very good.and i do bet yours too

  3. Lol So the Winter 2006 season starts off with comedies gug? Thank God for BLEACH and Blood+ ecen Eureka 7 for the action needs. More comedy with School Rumble come spring. When are all the action ones coming?

  4. GwG = Girls with Guns… or in this case a battleship?

    The premise kinda reminds of Tide-Line Blue, with the sea levels risen and terrorism/piracy. And to Fury: don’t forget theres Fate/Stay night this season to fall under the action category.

  5. you are right Mohammad!!
    this is pure FAN SERVICE for the SERVICE of FANS!!
    omae tachi DON DON KUTE ANO cliche yaro!!T_T the producer no seifu.
    That´s why I LOVE capitalism KAZOKU wa KAIZOKU so > FAMILY wa ONE PIECE > they can modify and invert everything they can for the taste of new cliches.But wait ” new cliches?” you ask does it exist?Of course you do bet sir!!on 2000s when they created sister princess(remember?) after that all imouto san in the anime market started love love her oni(devil ^_^) chans.the edypo complex was alive on the big screens from animes.that´s money from the pervert minds of pure otakus.once again, GOD HAVE MERCY FROM THE DISTURBED MINDS OF THIS CREATURES(T_T).

  6. I’ve watched the subbed episode yesterday. For what it’s worth, the CG looks ah-ok for a low-budget show, it’s not overdone. However, the show is so awful that my IQ got halfed whilst watching it. It’s full of cliches and tits. The younger characters look butt ugly IMHO. No idea what their business there anyway. Maybe this show is for wanking but then you better finish before the fat ugly bastard appears on the screen.

  7. I´ve seen ep 13 and i was really disappointing how it ends -.-

    At the beginning i thought this anime is kawaii and cool,delmo now i think it´s a bad anime and i´ve kicked out from my pc.


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