After Wilhelmina defeats all of Orgone’s minions, she remembers a battlefield of the past where the previous Enpatsu Shakugan had bid her farewell. Orgone does not meet his end by Wilhelmina’s hands, but instead by Shiro’s. Or rather, Shiro’s other form: the Niji no Tsubasa (Wings of the Rainbow) Merihim. Inside the building, Tenmoku Ikko consumes Wine and then gets ready to fight Shana. The new Flame Haze’s superior speed and agility allow her to dodge the Misutesu’s attacks, but she gets her hand caught in his armor while trying to grab for the power inside of him. She’s saved when Alastor provides her with the Yogasa, the special black coat. Between Alastor and Tenmoku Ikko himself, we learn that Tenmoku Ikko originally made the Nietono no Shana and became a Misutesu willingly. When he and Shana clash again, Shana stop his sword with her bare hands, and then uses the opportunity to smash his faceplate to end the battle in a spectacular explosion.
As he heads into the building, Merihim notes to Wilhelmina that he’s lived this long so that he can fulfill his oath to the previous Enpatsu Shakugan. Back inside, Shana recovers from the explosion and recovers the Nietono no Shana. But the key left behind by Wine starts to flame up and soon causes the Tendou-kyuu to start to rip apart. But Shana senses Merihim/Shiro coming, so she goes to fight him. Merihim himself remembers the previous Enpatsu Shakugan, after defeating him in a fight, asking him to train her successor. But even with Merihim flashing in bright rainbow colors, Shana is able to defeat him. Before he goes, Merihim smiles at Shana. Waiting outside, Wilhelmina sees Shana emerge from the chamber. Unlike Merihim who wanted to keep his oath, Wilhelmina had wanted to see a new time, a fresh beginning. The island reaches its limit and crashes into the waters below, but Shana and Wilhelmina escape to the beach nearby. Shana doesn’t want to part with the person who raised her, but Wilhelmina assures her that she’ll be ok, especially since she’s with Alastor now. As a parting gift, Wilhelmina pulls out a bag of melon bread. Overcome with emotion, Shana hugs her.
Back in the present, when Yuuji asks Shana why she likes melon bread, Shana thinks about it, but decides not to tell Yuuji. Instead, she happily runs off with Yuuji chasing.

As an added bonus, all the shots of young Shana: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, and Image 5.

Well that was a pretty awesome episode. They gave me exactly what I had asked for last week: more about the past, including the previous Enpatsu Shakugan and who Shiro really is. I don’t believe they actually gave her name this episode and even the credits say “Previous Generation Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite,” but for the record, it should be Mathilde Saint-Omer. The relationship chart for them should go something like Wilhelmina -> Merihim -> Mathilde -> Alastor?
This episode brings the arc to a close in a very satisfying way, especially since they were playing the piano version of Hishoku no Sora during the beach scene. It’s a pity that song wasn’t on the OST that came out yesterday because it’s the one song I was actually looking for. I also have to say that the more I listen to Aka no Seijaku, the more I like how it starts, probably as much as the last ending song, if not more. Also, the new OP by KOTOKO has finally been given a title, 「being」. According to her official site, the single will be out March 23rd. I have my fingers crossed that we’ll hear it to start next week’s episode, since that would be the start of a new arc (and the introduction of Khamshin).


  1. Whot?

    This was a flash back?!!

    Looks like I will only be watching 2 episodes of Shakugan 15&16.


    And here I thought I had discovered a new love for another affair(Maid/Master)

    Oh well.

    Demon Eyes
  2. You know, that last screenshot makes me want to caption it as “And that’s how I got to be the ass-kicking, melon-pan-eating girl you see before you today!”. But damn, those were some cute shots. 😀

  3. I think they confirmed the new Shakugan no SHANA OP name.
    According to the I’ve Sound website, the new song will be called ‘being’ by KOTOKO.
    I assume its being released on March 23rd since thats the date they gave.

    New OP next ep I hope! =3

  4. Sweeet~ Merihim appears, though he was sorta defeated too easily. =D. Mathilde appears as well…Too bad that’s all we see of her for now.

    The arc has definitely ended, and explained a whole load of things. Great episode. I’m looking forward to the next one, to say the very least and the new OP as well. =)

  5. Very nice episode. The part near the ending where Shana and Wilhelmina are standing at the beach and reminiscing with the piano version of Hishoku no Sora made me feel like tearing up. The music, and the whole scene was just great.

    And the new ED has a really great intro. Really meshed well during this and last episode.

  6. Omni or anyone, why cant I find this show on Animesuki? Is it maybe under a different name? I have been reading about it on this site for awhile and decided to pick it up after Shuffle but I cant find it. Help!

  7. Hi everyone i have searched for all the shakugan no shana osts but i cant find the song before shiro passed the door to battle shana i found that song pretty interesting if anyone have the name of the ost or some info please send it to… thanks a lot


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