On the XYZ board, Shanin spots a note taped onto the corner and decides to take on the job herself. She calls the number on it and locates a young girl named Tanya who is searching for her father. Shanin takes on the role of City Hunter and brings Tanya to the Cat’s Eye. Tanya describes her father to look a lot like Ryo, and to complicate things, the man himself walks in just at that moment. Tanya identifies the confused Ryo as her father, and Ryo decides to take the girl on as his daughter temporarily. Outside the cafe, Ryo tells Shanin that he decided to act as her father after seeing her happy face, but she does look like a certain club hostess that he knows. As the three go to visit her mother, Shanin remembers being forced to shoot a picture she drew of her parents while she was in training camp. At the club, Tanya’s mother Irina identifies her father as Kurahashi Katsumi. Ryo remembers six years ago a person by that name who embezzled aid money from the Luzen Republic and then escaped. But Irina doesn’t think that Katsumi was the criminal and instead implicates Katsumi’s superior, a politician named Kishimoto, as the person pulling the strings. Shanin decides to take the case, and the next day, Ryo finds that one of his guns is gone. Indeed, Shanin is already out checking out sniping positions.

Once again, the animation quality fluctuated quite a bit. I do like their choice of BGMs though, especially the one playing when Ryo discovers a gun missing. Definitely gave a fast-paced feel to that scene.
Fortunately, this episode isn’t just a simple case of Shanin helping a little girl find her father. Because to do that, Shanin is going to have to kill the politician Kishimoto so that her father will come out of hiding. I’m waiting for Kaori to pop out again and say that killing isn’t the solution, but we’ll have to wait till next week to see if that happens. I suspect though that we haven’t heard the entire story, and that Ryo will have to end up coming in to clean things up.

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  1. how come all the characters in this show (excluding Ryo) behave/look much older than their age? 😛

    yet another story from the manga; which i feel is a good thing. at least they’re trying to remain faithful to the source material.


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