The Nerima Daikon Brothers get visited by a female police detective name Yukika who is investigating the three recent events that have occurred in Nerima. Mako makes the mistake of calling her an obasan (middle-aged woman), so Yukika buries her in the ground with her whips. Yukika’s song is interrupted by Ichiro needing to go to work at the host club. Yukika decides to lay off the ND Brothers and rushes off on her bicycle. At work, one of Ichiro’s customers tells him a story about the police dealing with a criminal organization and the money stored away in a safe. She even gives him a rough sketch of the police station. Of course, the woman is actually Yukika in a costume and the entire thing is a setup.
After Hideki and Mako hear about the dealings, they decide to do something about the dirty money. From Nabeshin, they rent a large drilling vehicle and use it to drill up into the police station where Yukika and the cops ambush them. Yukika tries to use her handcuff chains at a long range, but manages instead to break open the safe. To everyone’s surprise, the police chief and the yakuza boss actually are exchanging money inside (meaning that Yukika’s story turned out to be true). The two leaders send their troops after Yukika, and the Nerima Daikon Brothers take the cash and make their escape in the chaos. Realizing what happened, the police chief and yakuza boss give chase and surround the drill vehicle after it runs out of gas. Fortunately, the two forces start fighting amongst themselves so the ND Brothers once again escape. Yukika lets them go for now, but promises to arrest them eventually.

Overall, a disappointing episode that wasn’t as funny as the previous ones, and I didn’t really enjoy any of the songs.
Having watched the episode again now that I’m not half-asleep, I can truthfully say that I enjoyed it a lot more than I had originally felt. This episode isn’t quite as funny as previous episodes, but it is still quite a joy to watch. Yukika (voiced by the lovely Inoue Marina) is probably going to be a recurring character and I suspect she’ll be a part of any ultimate plot this series has (if any). And her rich-woman costume is just a bit reminiscent of Total Recall.
Next week, Ichiro and the host club. I have my fingers crossed for more Pandaikon screen time…


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