There is an underwear thief dressed as a ninja on the loose, and Tsubaki has taken it upon herself to bring the guy to justice. At school, she orders Mamoru to come with her outside (which Yuuna misinterprets as love). Mamoru manages to convince her not to kill him, but Tsubaki still wants him to prove he’s innocent by helping her catch the real thief. While Mamoru is on watch duty, he spots Yuuna running towards the school; apparently she has mistaken 2AM and 2PM. She falls asleep at the school gates, forcing Mamoru to carry her back home. Meanwhile Tsubaki has cornered the actual thief, but he uses a smokescreen to get away.
Tsubaki continues to suspect Mamoru because he didn’t come help her when she blew her whistle at the real thief. After she decides that she’s going to watch over him day and night, Mamoru’s mother suggests that they go on a date. Tsubaki has no idea what a date is, but she and Mamoru hit it off after he buys them some crepes. Yuuna and Airi happen to spot the two, and Yuuna goes a bit crazy thinking about them on a date. They decide to follow the couple, but then Yuuna goes off to use the restroom at a convenience store, and by coincidence, it’s robbed right after she goes in. Mamoru learns of the situation and has to go save her, but it turns out that the robber is also the underwear thief, and so he uses the smokescreen to get away again. Fortunately, Tsubaki is there to stop him with a burdock root sword technique.

Like previous episodes, this one doesn’t offer much in terms of story, but there are a few good laughs. The scene where Yuuna replayed Tsubaki ordering Mamoru outside, except replacing 来い (koi – come) with 恋 (koi – love), is pretty funny, as is watching Yuuna panic while she thinks about Mamoru and Tsubaki on a date. I also get the vague feeling that we’re going to be hearing a lot more of the banana song – this week, the policeman at the beginning is humming it.
Next week, we’re going to be introduced to the final female cast member.


  1. They still haven’t said why Mamoru wears those geeky glasses right?
    Mamoru told Yomeme (or whatever her name is, the girl with the green hair) to ask his mom, but WE never got the answers

  2. ^ Haha, that’s to keep the suspense and to catch the audiences’ eye for the “mystery” behind the ninjas, I guess. Remember, in the first episode, Mamoru’s dad was so close to telling Mamoru the reason why they have to protect the Konyaku family for 400 years [the ninja’s way/path whatnot], but they were interrupted and had to eat dinner. Heh.

    The dang banana song is stuck in my head. x_x

  3. There was some dialogue about camouflage in the episode, with Mamoru telling Tsubaki that her street wear is like his glasses.

    Better to walk about in normal clothes than miko or ninja wear – so people won’t expect it when you FLIP OUT and KILL THEM.


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